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  1. particular way of using scale/lara (javanese music)
  2. rich history and popular. European colonial style folk music (bali)
  3. Emotional and changing dance which follows the music (Bali)
  4. modern and unpredictable, best known gamelan in Bali (bali)
  5. Small-scale (JAVANESE) gendhing having 16 beats
  6. Javanese tuning systems (5 or 7 note scales)
  7. skeletal melody in java
  8. Derived from Sunda folk music of West Java (flashy) (bali)
  9. structure with periodic punctuation (java)
  10. Monkey dance/drama performed by men for tourists
  11. Bronze instruments with varying octaves (java)
  12. Mythical lion-like creature used in kebyar (bali)
  13. instrumental ensemble
  14. Phrase concluded with stroke on gong
  15. Old courts music in Bali, similar to Javanese--one orchestra (bali)
  16. Shadow puppet theater (bali)
  17. Modest ensemble with shadow play and quartet, similar to Java (bali)
  18. Notched vertical flute (java)
  19. mix of western rock and indian film song (bali)
  20. genre named after arabic instruments. signifies connection to Islamic homeland (bali)
  21. Javanese Gendhing having 32 beats
  1. a Gongan
  2. b Ketawang
  3. c kroncong
  4. d Gamelan
  5. e kecak
  6. f Pathet
  7. g Gamelan Gong Gede
  8. h Saron
  9. i jaipongan
  10. j Colotomic
  11. k dangdut
  12. l barong
  13. m Laras
  14. n Gamelan gong kebyar
  15. o kebyar
  16. p Burburan
  17. q Balungan
  18. r Gender Wayang
  19. s gambus
  20. t Wayang Kulit
  21. u Suling