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  • indonesia

    largest country in sotheast asia (area)
    13760 islands
    capital is jakarta, on jave

    indonesia archipelago

    -juncture of tectonic plates
    -diverse enviorment and society

    Indonesian culture

    -unity in Diversity
    -successive layers of religious beliefs
    --indigenous religions
    --hinduism (2nd-4 centuries AD)
    --buddhism (1 ching arrived, 672 A.D)
    --islam (14th century A.D)

    Indegenous religions

    ancestor worship
    trance and possesion dance rituals

    hinduism: Bhakti

    devotional movement brought by Hindu Brahmans, (5th-6th centuries A.D)
    -strength, austerity, self-restraint lead one closer to the divine

    buddhist principles

    reinforce rulers divine right

    Hindu and Buddhist temples

    -hinduism and buddhism were practiced in Java as court religions
    -hindu temple at Prambanan
    - Buddhist temple at Borobudur

    Buddhist temple at Borobudur

    -9 levels or terrances with bas relief lining the galeries
    -images relate to the story of the buddha's life and lives of diciples
    -some depict dance postures that sugggst the astonishing continuity of dance forms in indonesia


    -introduced by traders - 14th century
    -Java (volcanoes, esrthquakes, tidal waves, typhoons)

    Javanese Dance-Drama

    before 200 ad-- masked dance rituals

    Javanese Dance-Drama: Wayang Kulit

    "shadows of leather"
    -shadow puppet dramas
    ---drew from Mahabarata and Ramayana
    ---Dalang ( artist story teller
    ---gamelon orchestra

    Bedoyo Performance, Yogyakarta Jave

    -ritual marriage gift to muslim ruler from goddess queen of the southern sea
    -9 identical dressed dancers moving in unison
    -aspects of a single person, theme or concept
    -re-affirms divine right
    -javenese values--unruffled composure, selflessness

    Bedoyo costume

    hours to put together

    goal of Bedyoyo

    to achieve a balance between body and soul

    Tamin Sari (water palace)

    -built by sultan
    -underwater coridors leading from women bathing pools to a partly underwater mosque
    -connection to story of marriage of a sultan to a goddess tof the sea


    -early 17th century royal palace of kasephuan in cerebon west java
    -at yogyakarta and sukrukarta are much larger and more elaborate

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