Some examples of questions in Kannada


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  • where is he?

    avanu yelli

    what is this?

    idhu yenu

    why are you sad?

    neenu yake heegidhiya

    how do you want to pay?

    neevu hege pavathi madabayasuthheera

    can I come?

    naanu barabahude

    is he sleeping?

    avanu niddhe maduthaiddhaneye?

    do you know me?

    ninage naanu gothha

    do you have my book?

    ninna bali nanna pustaka idheya

    how big is it?

    adhu eshtu dhoddadhu

    can I help you?

    naanu nimage sahaya madabahude

    can you help me?

    nanage sahaya maduthhira

    do you speak English?

    neevu inglish mathanadutthira

    how far is this?

    idhu esthu doora ide

    what time is it?

    eega esthu ghante

    how much is this?

    idhu esthu doora ide

    what is your name?

    ninna hesaru yenu

    where do you live?

    neevu elli vaasisutheera

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