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  • Can you get me a cyclo?

    loak choo-uhy ha-oo seekloa a-oy kh*'nyommoo-uhy bân tây



    Truck (1)

    lân duhk tumning



    Truck (2)

    lân kammee-nyong






    lân ch*'noo-ohl


    roteh koa


    roteh ph*lûhng

    Train station

    s'thânee ru-uht phlûhng

    Bus station

    bâyn lân


    sawmbot chiH

    One-way ticket

    sawmbot chiH tuh-oo

    Return ticket

    sawmbot chiH tuh-oo - moak



    Sail boat

    took k'da-ong






    ph*a-e k'pal

    Aeroplane (1)

    yun hawH

    Aeroplane (2)

    k'pal hawH


    took om

    Jet plane (1)

    yun hawH prawtekam

    Jet plane (2)

    k'pal hawH prawtekam

    Helicopter (1)


    Helicopter (2)

    kapal hawH dawnghal lûh

    To fly (a plane)


    To land (to go down)


    To take off (to lift or go up)



    vee-uhl k'palhawH

    Landing strip

    vee-uhl choH châwt

    To depart

    cheng dawmna-uh

    To arrive

    tuh-oo dawl

    To drive (a car)



    (prâyng) sang

    Bicycle repair shop

    hâng th*vûh kawng

    Where is petrol sold?

    sang lu-uhk nuh-oo a-e nâ

    I want 10 bottles of petrol

    kh*'nyom truh-oo kâ sang dawp dâwp

    Watch out for that man!

    prawyat paH kây

    ...child (young)



    ...water buffalo.


    It won't start

    vee-uh meun chh*eH sawH

    The wire to the lose battery

    kh'sa-e phlûhng da-el ph'cho-ap tuh-oo thung âkkuy rolung

    Can you fix it?

    ta-uh loak â-ich choo-uhH chul bân tây

    When will it be ready?

    awngkal ha-uhy

    We don't have the parts.

    yûhng kh*'mee-uhn kreu-uhng p'doa tây

    How much will it cost to fix

    ta-uh truh-oo awH ponmân da-uhmbuh-ee choo-uhH chul lân niH

    What happened?

    ka-uht ha-et uh-ee

    There was a traffic accident.

    mee-uhn kroo-uhH th*'nak chawrâchaw

    Two cars collided

    lân bok kh*'nee-uh

    Was anyone injured?

    mee-uhn roboo-uhH tây

    One was hurt

    mee-uhn roboo-uhH m'nay-uhk

    Is he seriously injured?

    ko-at roboo-uhH th*'ngu-uhn tây

    No, he only got a bump on the head.

    tây, poak k'bâl ta-e bawntek tây

    How much is a return ticket to Battambang?

    ta-uh sawmbot ru-uht phlûhng tuh-oo - moak batdawmbâwng thla-ee ponmân

    I'll take one ticket.

    kh*'nyom ting sawmbot moo-uhy

    Here's your ticket.

    niH chee-uh sawmbot robawH loak

    When does the train leave?

    pâyl nâ ru-ht ph*lûhng cheng dawmna-uh

    The train leaves at 1:30 pm.

    ru-uht ph*'lûhng cheng ma-ong moo-uhy kawnlaH rosee-uhl

    What station is this?

    ta-uh niH chee-uh s'th*ânee uh-ee tuh-oo

    Pursat Station.

    s'th*ânee poasat

    What is the next stop?

    bawnto-ap pee niH kêu s'th*ânee uh-ee tuh-oo

    The next stop is Battambang.

    s'th*ânee bawnto-ap kêu batdawmbâwng

    How long does it take to get to Phnom Pehn?

    ta-uh ponmân ma-ong tee-uht tûhp tuh-oo dawl ph*'num ping

    More than 5 hours.

    chee-uhng pram ma-ong

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