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  • wait (for), (v)

    wait (for), (v) loS council

    vow, swear, (v)

    vow, swear, (v) 'Ip council

    violation, (n)

    violation, (n) wem council

    violate, (v)

    violate, (v) wem council

    verify, (v)

    verify, (v) 'ol council

    serve (a master), (v)

    serve (a master), (v) toy' council

    revenge, (n)

    revenge, (n) bortaS council

    respect, (v)

    respect, (v) vuv council

    prevent, block, prohibit, (v)

    prevent, block, prohibit, (v) bot council

    oath, (n)

    oath, (n) 'Ip council

    meeting, (n)

    meeting, (n) qep council

    keep something secret, (v)

    keep something secret, (v) pegh council

    judge, estimate, (v)

    judge, estimate, (v) noH council

    insult, (v)

    insult, (v) tIch council

    honor, (n)

    honor, (n) batlh council

    guard, (v)

    guard, (v) 'avwI' council

    follow (rules), (v)

    follow (rules), (v) pab council

    duty, quest, mission, task, chore, (n)

    duty, quest, mission, task, chore, (n) Qu' council

    disappear, vanish, (v)

    disappear, vanish, (v) ngab council

    disagree, (v)

    disagree, (v) Qoch council

    demand, require, (v)

    demand, require, (v) poQ council

    decide, (v)

    decide, (v) wuq council

    debate, (v)

    debate, (v) ngach council

    control, (v)

    control, (v) SeH council

    compete, (v)

    compete, (v) 'ov council

    city, (n)

    city, (n) veng council

    choose, select, (v)

    choose, select, (v) wIv council

    chair, (n)

    chair, (n) quS council

    building, structure, (n)

    building, structure, (n) qach council

    blame, (v)

    blame, (v) pIch council

    betray, (v)

    betray, (v) magh council

    advise, (v)

    advise, (v) qeS council

    advice, (n)

    advice, (n) qeS council

    wing, (n)

    wing, (n) tel shipboard

    system, (n)

    system, (n) pat shipboard

    ship, vessel, (n)

    ship, vessel, (n) Duj shipboard

    shield, (n)

    shield, (n) yoD shipboard

    resemble, (v)

    resemble, (v) rur shipboard

    planet, (n)

    planet, (n) yuQ shipboard

    order, command, (v)

    order, command, (v) ra' shipboard

    officer, (n)

    officer, (n) yaS shipboard

    helmsman, (n)

    helmsman, (n) DeghwI' shipboard

    helm, (n)

    helm, (n) Degh shipboard

    fix, repair, (v)

    fix, repair, (v) tI' shipboard

    duty station, station, (n)

    duty station, station, (n) yaH shipboard

    dock, (v)

    dock, (v) vergh shipboard

    dock, (n)

    dock, (n) vergh shipboard

    data, information, (n)

    data, information, (n) De' shipboard

    computer, (n)

    computer, (n) De'wI' shipboard

    communicate, (v)

    communicate, (v) Qum shipboard

    chronometer, (n)

    chronometer, (n) tlhaq shipboard

    captain, (n)

    captain, (n) HoD shipboard

    board, go aboard, (v)

    board, go aboard, (v) tIj shipboard

    beam (aboard), (v)

    beam (aboard), (v) HIjol shipboard

    wound, (v)

    wound, (v) QID war

    weapon, (n)

    weapon, (n) nuH war

    watch, (v)

    watch, (v) bej war

    warrior, (n)

    warrior, (n) SuvwI', vaj war

    war, (n)

    war, (n) veS war

    victory, triumph, (n)

    victory, triumph, (n) yay war

    tell, report, (v)

    tell, report, (v) ja' war

    sword, (n)

    sword, (n) 'etlh war

    surrender, give up, (v)

    surrender, give up, (v) jegh war

    surprise, (v)

    surprise, (v) mer war

    slit, (v)

    slit, (v) SIj war

    shot, (n)

    shot, (n) bach war

    shoot, (v)

    shoot, (v) bach war

    sergeant, (n)

    sergeant, (n) bu' war

    salute, (v)

    salute, (v) van war

    run, jog, (v)

    run, jog, (v) qet war

    question, interrogate, (v)

    question, interrogate, (v) yu' war

    protect, (v)

    protect, (v) Qan war

    prisoner, (n)

    prisoner, (n) qama' war

    practice, train, prepare, (v)

    practice, train, prepare, (v) qeq war

    plan, (v)

    plan, (v) nab war

    peace, (n)

    peace, (n) roj war

    make peace, (v)

    make peace, (v) roj war

    knife, dagger, (n)

    knife, dagger, (n) taj war

    kill, (v)

    kill, (v) HoH war

    hide, cloak, (v)

    hide, cloak, (v) So' war

    help, aid, (v)

    help, aid, (v) QaH war

    gunner, (n)

    gunner, (n) baHwI', matHa' war

    fire, (n)

    fire, (n) qul war

    fire (torpedo, rocket, missile), (v)

    fire (torpedo, rocket, missile), (v) baH war

    fight, (v)

    fight, (v) Suv war

    establish, set up, (v)

    establish, set up, (v) cher war

    enemy, (n)

    enemy, (n) jagh war

    die, (v)

    die, (v) Hegh war

    destroy, (v)

    destroy, (v) Qaw' war

    danger, (n)

    danger, (n) Qob war

    conquer, (v)

    conquer, (v) chargh war

    close in, get closer, come nearer, (v)

    close in, get closer, come nearer, (v) chol war

    climb, (v)

    climb, (v) toS war

    chase, follow, (v)

    chase, follow, (v) tlha' war

    carry, convey, (v)

    carry, convey, (v) qeng war

    burn, (v)

    burn, (v) meQ war

    blood, (n)

    blood, (n) 'Iw war

    bite, (v)

    bite, (v) HIchop war

    attack, (v)

    attack, (v) HIv war

    acquire, obtain, get, (v)

    acquire, obtain, get, (v) Suq war

    ache, hurt, be sore, (v)

    ache, hurt, be sore, (v) 'oy' war

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