Klingon language vocabulary from sources published after the second edition of The Klingon Dictionary


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  • bachHa' (v) (slang)

    err, make a mistake (v) (slang)

    baghneQ (n)

    spoon (n)

    baHjan (n)

    launcher (n)

    baj (v)

    earn, (actively) work for (v)

    bal (n)

    jug, jar, bottle (n)

    bam (v)

    face, have the prospect of having to deal with (v)

    banan naH (n)

    banana (n)

    bang bom (n)

    love song (n)

    bang pong (n)

    pet name, endearment (n)

    baq (v)

    terminate, discontinue (v)

    baqghol (n)

    type of liquor, bahgol (n)

    baQ (v)

    toss bat'leth from one hand to the other (v)

    baQ (v)

    be fresh, be just picked (fruit, vegetable) (v)

    barat (n)

    India (n)

    bargh (n)

    flat-bottomed pot for food preparation (n)

    batlhHa' (adv)

    dishonorably (adv)

    beb (n)

    roof (n)

    beb mutlhwI' (n)

    roofer (n)

    bej (v) (slang)

    be sure, be definite, be positive, be certain (v) (slang)

    bem (n)

    sole of foot (n)

    beqpuj (n)

    type of mineral, bekpuj (orange in color) (n)

    bertlham (n)

    end (of an opera, play, story, speech) (n)

    betleH bey' (n)

    bat'leth display (n)

    bey (n)

    howl, wail (n)

    beylI' (n)

    bank (for money) (n)

    bey' (n)

    ceremonial display (n)

    be'joy' (n)

    ritualized torture by women (n)

    bIm (n)

    second tone of nonatonic musical scale (n)

    bIQ bal (n)

    water jug (n)

    bIQ Duj (n)

    ship (on water) (n)

    bIQ ghaywI' pa' (n)

    shower (for washing) (n)

    bIQDep (n)

    fish (n)

    bIQSIp (n)

    hydrogen (n)

    bIQSIp 'ugh (n)

    deuterium isotope (n)

    bIQ'a' HeH (n)

    beach (n)

    bIraqlul (n)

    brak'lul (redundancy in body parts) (n)

    bIreqtal (n)

    Brek'tal ritual (n)

    bIS'ub (n)

    bottom (interior) (n)

    bI' (v)

    sweep (away) (v)

    bI'rel tlharghDuj (n)

    B'rel-class Scout (n)

    bI'reS (n)

    beginning (of an opera, play, story, speech) (n)

    bo (n)

    feather (n)

    bochmoHwI' (n) (slang)

    sycophant, flatterer (n) (slang)

    boD (n) (regional)

    forehead (n) (regional)

    bol (v)

    drool (v)

    bolwI' (n) (slang)

    traitor (n) (slang)

    bom (n)

    song, chant (n)

    bom (v)

    sing, chant (v)

    bom mu' (n)

    lyric, lyrics (n)

    bop (v)

    be about, be concerned with (v)

    boq (v)

    ally with, form an alliance with (v)

    boq ru' (n)

    coalition (n)

    boqHa' (v)

    dissolve an alliance with (v)

    boqHa''egh (v)

    dissolve an alliance with oneself (v)

    boqrat (n)

    type of animal, bokrat (n)

    boq'egh (v)

    ally with oneself, form an alliance with oneself (v)

    bor (v)

    gurgle (stomach noise) (v)

    borghel (n)

    type of animal, a small bird whose eggs are tasty (n)

    bortaS DIb (n)

    Rite of Vengeance (n)

    botjan (n)

    shields (force field on ship) (n)

    bo'Dagh (n)

    scoop, scooping implement (to serve food) (n)

    bo'Degh (n)

    bird (general term) (n)

    buq (n)

    bag, sack, pouch, pocket (n)

    buqjaj (n)

    Friday (n)

    buq'Ir (n)

    cube (n)

    bur (v)

    hiccup (v)

    burgh quD (n)

    naturally produced kud (n)

    buSHa' (v)

    ignore (v)

    buy' (v)

    be full, be filled up (v)

    buy' ngop (excl) (slang)

    good news, it's good to hear that (excl) (slang)

    chab (n) (slang)

    invention, innovation (n) (slang)

    chaDvay' (n)

    radio frequency, hertz (n)

    chaj (n)

    close female friend of a female (n)

    cham (n)

    technology (n)

    chan (n)

    eastard, area toward the east (n)

    chanDoq (n)

    marinade (n)

    chang'eng (n)

    pair (n)

    chaQ (v)

    thrust upward with end of bat'leth (v)

    char (v)

    be slimy (v)

    charghwI' (n)

    victor, conqueror (n)

    chaS (n)

    top of walking cane or ceremonial cane (n)

    chatlh (n) (slang)

    nonsense, balderdash (n) (slang)

    chatlh (n)

    soup (thick) (n)

    cha'bIp (n)

    type of animal, a bird noted for its speed (n)

    cha'DIch (n)

    second, aide (n)

    cha'Do' (n)

    type of animal, a bird of which little is known (n)

    cha'naS (n)

    type of animal, a bird which digs up small bugs to eat (n)

    cha'neH (n)

    forearm (n)

    cha'nob (n)

    ritual gifts (n)

    cha'par (n)

    type of animal, a bird noted for its song (n)

    cha'qu' (n)

    type of animal, a bird with a noisy, repetitive cry (n)

    cha''etlh pe'wI' (n)

    scissors (n)

    cheb (n)

    unit of weight, approximately 5 pounds (n)

    cheb'a' (n)

    unit of weight, approximately 45 pounds (n)

    chechtlhutlh (n)

    type of liquor, baceh'tluth (n)

    chej (n)

    liver (n)

    chelwI' (n) (slang)

    accountant, financier (n) (slang)

    chemvaH (n)

    type of animal, chemvah (n)

    chenmoH (v)

    form, make, create (v)

    chenmoHwI' (n)

    creator, maker (n)

    cheSvel (n) (regional)

    coat, jacket (n) (regional)

    cheSvel (n)

    type of coat (n)

    chetvI' (n)

    spear-throwing device (n)

    chevwI' tlhoy' (n)

    territorial wall (e.g., Berlin Wall) (n)

    che'ron (n)

    battlefield (n)

    chIvo' (n)

    total dishonor, absolute lack of honor (n)

    chIw (v)

    express, embody, exude, epitomize (v)

    chob (n)

    corridor (n)

    chob'a' (n)

    main corridor (n)

    choghvat (n)

    stairway leading to door of a ship, gangplank (n)

    chon (n)

    hunt (n)

    chon bom (n)

    hunting song (n)

    chonnaQ (n)

    hunting spear (n)

    chontay (n)

    ritual hunt (n)

    chong (v) (slang)

    be good, be excellent (v) (slang)

    chong (v) (slang)

    be profound, be thorough, be careful (v) (slang)

    choptaH (v)

    gnaw (v)

    chor (n) (regional)

    ceramic flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional)

    chor bargh (n) (regional)

    ceramic flat-bottomed pot (n) (regional)

    chorgh (n)

    eighth tone of nonatonic musical scale (n)

    chuD (n)

    people, kin, member of the same group or tribe or clan (n)

    chuH (v) (slang)

    explain clearly to, clarify for, specify for (v) (slang)

    chuH (v)

    throw (a spear) at, hurl (a spear) at (v)

    chuq'a' (n)

    long range (n)

    chuy (v)

    sneeze (v)

    chu' (v)

    play (a musical instrument) (v)

    chu'wI' (n)

    player (of an instrument) (n)

    Dab (v)

    dwell in/at, reside in/at (v)

    Dach (v) (slang)

    be not attentive, be distracted, lack focus (v) (slang)

    Daghtuj (n)

    mixture of animal parts (n)

    DaH (n)

    array, bank (n)

    DaHjaj gheD (n)

    dish in a restaurant, catch of the day (n)

    Dap bom (n)

    nonsense song (n)

    Daqtagh (n)

    warrior's knife, d'k tahg (n)

    Dargh HIvje' (n)

    teacup (n)

    DarSeq (n)

    darsek, unit of currency (n)

    DaSjaj (n)

    Monday (n)

    Dav (v)

    sway (v)

    DavHam (n)

    false honor (n)

    DayquS (n)

    type of plant, dikus plant (n)

    Da'nal (n)

    type of animal, a bird characterized by erratic, unpredictable behavior (n)

    Da'vI' (n)

    type of animal, a bird characterized by erratic, unpredictable behavior (n)

    Degh (v) (slang)

    act without a plan, improvise (v) (slang)

    DeH (v)

    be ripe, be overripe (fruit, vegetable) (v)

    Denmargh (n)

    Denmark (n)

    Deq (v)

    be erstwhile, former, prior, ex- (v)

    Der (v)

    yaw (v)

    DeS (n)

    axe handle (n)

    DeSqIv (n)

    elbow (n)

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