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  1. SuDalAll of you are boring


  2. jIghungI'm hungry


  3. tugh bIpIvchoHjajGet well soon


  4. not yap wa' HolTerran


  5. yIqlm, yIbuSPay attention and concentrate


  6. vIta'pu'be'I didn't do it


  7. baH!Fire!


  8. tlhIngan jIHbe'I am not a Klingon


  9. tera'nganTerran


  10. tlhInganI'm hungry


  11. 'e' yIghItlhPlease say that again


  12. lupDujHomwIj luteb gharghmeyMy hovercraft is full of eels


  13. loQ vIjatlhlaHPlease speak more slowly


  14. QIt yIjatlhPlease speak more slowly


  15. qoSlIj DatIvjajHappy birthday


  16. jISovbe'I don't know


  17. ma'ojWe're thirsty


  18. qamuSHa'I love you


  19. 'e' yIjatlhqa'Please say that again


  20. jIyajbe'I don't understand


  21. Qel vIsamnISI need to find a Doctor


  22. Qo'noSWe're thirsty