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  1. to eat
  2. verb suffix to indicate oneself as the subject
  3. There are another case of Klingon verb suffixes called "Rovers." After what suffix type does a rover suffix go?
  4. they have killed him/her (someone deliberately tried to kill a specific person)
  5. it is approaching us
  6. to be lucky (v)
  7. Type 5 Verb Suffix
  8. they have killed him/her (he/she happened to be the person the killer killed)
  9. we hit each other
  10. to tell
  11. verb suffix for "if"
  12. A verb suffix meaning "cause"
  13. don't tell him/her!
  14. someone/something sees us
  15. to analyze
  16. to go
  17. Type 1 verb suffix
  18. verb suffix for "willing"
  19. I see you
  20. I can sleep
  21. to get close, come near
  22. you sleep
  23. verb suffix for "ready, prepared" (referring to devices)
  24. A verb suffix meaning "resume"
  25. verb suffix meaning "can/able"
  26. verb suffix for "interrogative," indicating a yes or no question
  27. you (plural) sleep
  28. verb suffix for "as soon as, when"
  29. verb suffix for "don't! won't!"
  30. Are there adjectives in Klingon?
  31. he/she is willing to die
  32. he/she seems to be controlling us
  33. verb suffix for "undo"
  34. to approach
  35. verb suffix that means "in progress"
  36. if you want them
  37. I am honored to see you
  38. tell yourself! (yI- imperative. see pg. 34)
  39. he/she is ready to die
  40. as soon as you control it
  41. to understand
  42. to sleep
  43. I have acquired it
  44. Verb suffix for "accomplished, done"
  45. I have purchased it
  46. to die
  47. verb suffix for "ready, prepared" (referring to beings)
  48. we are becoming lucky, we are undergoing a turn of luck
  49. Does Klingon have a past, present, and future tense for verbs?
  50. I am transmitting the data
  51. Be prepared to launch torpedoes! (or) Stand by on torpedoes!
  52. you (plural) hit each other
  53. verb suffix for one who does or thing which does
  54. verb suffix for "emphatic"
  55. he/she/it sees me, they see me
  56. verb suffix for "afraid"
  57. to purchase
  58. to transmit data to a place
  59. he/she/it/they sleep
  60. verb for suffix to indicate an action is currently happening
  61. I see him/her/it
  62. to negotiate
  63. it appears to be empty
  64. to kill
  65. See 'info' for my comment on this set :)
  66. Type 9 verb suffixes
  67. I told you
  68. you can see me
  69. Type 2 verb suffixes
  70. while they are negotiating
  71. to be prepared, or to launch or project (something)
  72. Type 3 verb suffix
  73. Type 8 Verb Suffixes
  74. verb suffix for "need"
  75. Type 7 Verb Suffixes
  76. verb suffix for "while"
  77. do me the honor of telling me
  78. you need to eat
  79. they have killed him/her
  80. I understand clearly
  81. verb suffix meaning "seemingly, apparently"
  82. verb suffix for "before"
  83. do you see me?
  84. to control
  85. A verb suffix for change in state, change in direction
  86. I sleep
  87. A verb suffix meaning "indefinite subject"
  88. Type 4 Verb Suffixes
  89. verb suffix for "not"
  90. What are all the possible ways to say "I cannot use them."?
  91. verb suffix to indicate one another or each other as the subject
  92. Someone/something remembers you
  93. verb suffix meaning "clearly, perfectly"
  94. What is the difference between pu' and ta'?
  95. to see
  96. does he/she understand?
  97. he is certainly controlling us
  98. Verb suffix for "perfective," describing an action that 'has been' completed.
  99. ready to analyze
  100. I wanted them (but don't anymore)
  101. before you tell me
  102. you hit yourself
  103. verb suffix meaning "certainly, undoubtedly"
  104. you see me
  105. it it getting closer
  106. it is undoubtedly empty
  107. steady on coarse! maintain this coarse!
  108. you have seen it
  109. someone/something eats it
  110. he/she fired (the torpedo) perfectly
  111. to be empty
  112. we sleep
  113. to hit
  114. to use
  115. I need to see him/her
  116. verb suffix for "for"

  117. What is the structure of a Klingon verb?
  118. I hit myself
  119. you are afraid to kill me
  120. The Klingon phrase "naDev puppu' tu'lu'," meaning "there are children around" is literally translated as
  121. verb suffix which means "honorific"
  122. to search
  123. he/she can destroy us
  124. Type 6 Verb Suffixes