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  1. SeHto control


  2. vISuqta'I have acquired it


  3. je'to purchase


  4. -neS (8)verb suffix for "ready, prepared" (referring to beings)


  5. chImbejto be empty


  6. vIlI'lI'I am transmitting the data


  7. -Qo' (r)verb suffix for "don't! won't!"


  8. ghuSto be empty


  9. Qongto sleep


  10. -qu' (r)verb suffix for "emphatic"


  11. Verb Suffixes for "qualification"Type 8 Verb Suffixes


  12. cholto get close, come near


  13. They are very similar, ta' is used when an action was deliberately attempted and successfully accomplished , pu' is used when the action happened by happenstance or was just a response to another action. Unfortunately English translations do not really show this distinction. {see pg. 41}What is the difference between pu' and ta'?


  14. choja'pa'before you tell me


  15. verb suffixes referring to a "change"Type 5 Verb Suffix


  16. choleghlaHto see


  17. Verb suffixes for "Aspect"Type 7 Verb Suffixes


  18. -'egh (1) {typo on page 35}verb suffix meaning "clearly, perfectly"


  19. bISopnISyou sleep


  20. Soplu'he/she seems to be controlling us


  21. HoHto kill


  22. yaj'a'verb suffix for "interrogative," indicating a yes or no question


  23. nejto die


  24. vIleghnISI see him/her/it


  25. -be' (r)

    {n.b. -be' is not used when giving an imperative or command}
    verb suffix for "not"


  26. nughoStaHto approach


  27. -ta' (7)verb suffix for "undo"


  28. Sopto eat


  29. -qa' (3)A verb suffix meaning "resume"


  30. DaneHchughif you want them


  31. -vIp (2)

    [this suffix is rarely used, and somewhat culturally taboo. Use it if you want to start a rumble.]
    verb suffix for "afraid"


  32. wIleghlu'someone/something sees us


  33. SeHlaw'he/she seems to be controlling us


  34. -lI' (7)

    {this is to -ta' as -tah is to pu'. see pg. 42}
    verb suffix for "not"


  35. -'a'verb suffix for "interrogative," indicating a yes or no question


  36. jIQonglaHhe/she/it/they sleep


  37. -vIS (9)

    {always used with the suffix -taH}
    verb suffix for "for"



  38. yIja''eghdon't tell him/her!


  39. ja'to be lucky (v)


  40. chImlaw'it it getting closer


  41. ghoSto eat


  42. HeghqangI sleep


  43. -qang (2)verb for suffix to indicate an action is currently happening


  44. Sort of, but they are treated as verbs, and will use the verb suffixes. See pg. 49Are there adjectives in Klingon?


  45. ghoSto go


  46. -rup (2)verb suffix for "need"


  47. jIyajchu'he/she fired (the torpedo) perfectly


  48. Do'to be lucky (v)


  49. nuSeHbejhe is certainly controlling us


  50. lI' {yup, same as the previous suffix}to transmit data to a place


  51. jIqIp'eghdo me the honor of telling me


  52. yIja'Qo'I am transmitting the data


  53. pojbeHto kill


  54. -lu' (5) {see page 39}A verb suffix meaning "indefinite subject"


  55. Heghto die


  56. -Ha' (r)verb suffix for "emphatic"


  57. Daleghpu'someone/something sees us


  58. pojto analyze


  59. maqIpchuqwe sleep


  60. bIQongyou (plural) sleep


  61. chollI'it it getting closer


  62. Anywhere you want it to, except after type 9 suffixesverb suffix to indicate oneself as the subject


  63. jIQongI can sleep


  64. vIneHpu'they have killed him/her (he/she happened to be the person the killer killed)


  65. -laH (5)verb for suffix to indicate an action is currently happening


  66. See 'info' for my comment on this set :)See 'info' for my comment on this set :)


  67. qaleghneSI am honored to see you


  68. volition/predisposition verb suffixesI need to see him/her


  69. -nIS (2)verb suffix for "ready, prepared" (referring to beings)


  70. leghto die


  71. -DI' (9)verb suffix for "as soon as, when"


  72. muleghhe/she/it sees me, they see me


  73. Daqawlu' {qaw - remember}Someone/something remembers you


  74. No. The past, present, and future tense come from context in the sentence (e.g. wa'leS means "tomorrow"). Klingon does have "aspect," whether or not an action is completed, or is currently occurring. English sort of does this in sentences like, "we fly tomorrow at dawn."Does Klingon have a past, present, and future tense for verbs?


  75. "someone/something finds children here"The Klingon phrase "naDev puppu' tu'lu'," meaning "there are children around" is literally translated as


  76. SuQongI sleep


  77. Verb suffixes for "honorific" statementsType 7 Verb Suffixes


  78. cholegh'a'do you see me?


  79. maDo'choHverb suffix meaning "clearly, perfectly"


  80. cha yIghuS {cha - torpedoes}steady on coarse! maintain this coarse!


  81. yajto understand


  82. -beH (2)verb suffix for "need"


  83. nuHoHvipit is approaching us


  84. yIghoStaHto approach


  85. luHoH rIntaH {you may want to read about sentence order in sec. 6, or you may ignore this until then}they have killed him/her


  86. -pa' (9)verb suffix for "as soon as, when"


  87. maQongwe sleep


  88. qaja'pu'I told you


  89. -chuq (1)verb suffix to indicate one another or each other as the subject


  90. Oneself/one another verb suffixesType 1 verb suffix


  91. Prefix-Verb-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9verb suffix meaning "clearly, perfectly"


  92. SuqIpchuqyou (pl)you (plural) hit each other


  93. Heghrupto die


  94. Qongyou sleep


  95. Verb suffixes for syntactic markersType 7 Verb Suffixes


  96. Verb suffix type meaning "Indefinite subject/ability"Type 5 Verb Suffix


  97. chImto get close, come near


  98. luHoHpu'it it getting closer


  99. -pu' (7)Verb suffix for "accomplished, done"


  100. qIpto eat


  101. -choH (3)verb for suffix to indicate an action is currently happening


  102. baHchu'I understand clearly


  103. Verb suffix type for "cause"Type 4 Verb Suffixes


  104. -bej (6)verb suffix meaning "certainly, undoubtedly"


  105. Sutlhto negotiate


  106. vIleghI need to see him/her


  107. nuQaw'laHverb suffix for "don't! won't!"


  108. luHoHta'they have killed him/her (he/she happened to be the person the killer killed)


  109. -law' (6)verb suffix meaning "seemingly, apparently"


  110. -wI' (9)verb suffix for one who does or thing which does


  111. -meH (9) {see sec. 6.2.4 for more info}verb suffix for "for"



  112. -taH (7)verb suffix for "ready, prepared" (referring to beings)


  113. -moH (3)

    {the exact meaning of -moH can be complex, I recommend reading pg. 38-9 and practicing it.}
    A verb suffix meaning "cause"


  114. -chu' (6)Verb suffix for "perfective," describing an action that 'has been' completed.


  115. bIqIp'eghyou hit yourself


  116. choleghyou see me


  117. vIje' rIntaHI have purchased it


  118. SutlhtaHvISwhile they are negotiating


  119. DaSeHDI'you have seen it


  120. vIlo'laHbe' or vIlo'be'laHWhat are all the possible ways to say "I cannot use them."?


  121. HIja'neSverb suffix for "before"


  122. lo'to use


  123. qaleghto see


  124. -chugh (9)verb for suffix to indicate an action is currently happening