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  1. 불고기버거 hamburger made with bulgogi meat
  2. 생선 fish
  3. 낙지볶음밥 stir-fried octopus
  4. 소금 좀 갖다 주시겠어요 Could I have some salt, please?
  5. 류산슬 stir-fried mixed seafood and vegetables
  6. 빙수 ice flakes with syrup
  7. 생선초밥 sushi
  8. 군만두 fried meat dumplings
  9. 냉커피 ice coffee
  10. 호박나물 summer squash pan fried or braised
  11. 국수전골 noodle casserole
  12. 새우도리아 rice with shrimp and mozzarella cheese
  13. 삼선볶음밥 stir-fried rice with seafood
  14. 카레라이스 curry and rice
  15. 수정과 fruit punch made of honey
  16. 열무물김치 summer green water kimchi
  17. 순대 Korean sausage
  18. 전골 stew
  19. 라조기 stir-fried chicken with hot sauce
  20. 떡국 rice cake soup
  21. 탕 stew
  22. 이 요금은 무엇입니까? What's this charge for?
  23. 닭구이 grilled chicken
  24. 메밀국수 buckwheat noodles
  25. 호떡 pancake stuffed with brown sugar, cinnamon, and nuts etc...
  26. 동치미 winter white water kimchi
  27. 소고기전골 beef and vegetable stew
  28. 만두국 dumpling soup
  29. 해장국 sunrise soup
  30. 알밥 rice topped with fish eggs
  31. 소고기 beef
  32. 도토리묵 acorn jelly
  33. 디저트는 뭐가 있나요? What do you have for desert?
  34. 곰탕 stew meat and tripe soup
  35. 닭백숙 boiled chicken stuffed with rice and ginseng
  36. 마파두부 stir-fried tofu with minced meat in hot sauce
  37. 오이냉국 chilled cucumber soup
  38. 샤브샤브 shabu shabu
  39. 장조림 beef boiled in soy
  40. 잡채밥 stir-fried noodles with vegetables and rice
  41. 찜 steamed dish
  42. 매우 맛있었습니다 It was very good
  43. 탕수육 sweet and sour pork
  44. 백김치 white cabbage kimchi
  45. 버섯그라탕 mushroom gratin
  46. 생선구이 grilled fish
  47. 식혜 sweet drink made from fermented rice
  48. 도라지나물 bellflower root salad
  49. 떡 rice cake
  50. 황태구이 seasoned and grilled yellow dried pollack
  51. 맥주 beer
  52. 총각김치 ponytail kimchi
  53. 국밥 rice served in soup
  54. 통닭 chicken
  55. 닭고기 chicken
  56. 깍두기 chopped radish kimchi
  57. 라면 ramyon
  58. 갈비구이 broiled short ribs
  59. 육회 seasoned shredded beef
  60. 삼선우동 udon with seafood
  61. 족발 pork hock jokbal
  62. 찌개 stew
  63. 고기 meat
  64. 콩나물국 bean sprout soup
  65. 감자탕 potato soup
  66. 막국수 buckwheat noodles with clear chicken soup
  67. 곱창전골 seasoned entrails and vegetable stew
  68. 순두부찌개 raw bean curd stew
  69. 배추김치 whole cabbage kimchi
  70. 미역냉국 sea mustard in chilled vinegar water
  71. 어디서 지불하나요? Where shall I pay the bill?
  72. 볶음밥 fried rice
  73. 김치볶음밥 kimchi fried rice
  74. 부대찌개 army base stew
  75. 김치 kimchi
  76. 삼계탕 ginseng chicken soup
  77. 설렁탕 ox bone and stew meat stock soup
  78. 쫄면 hot spicy noodles
  79. 바닷가재 lobster
  80. 국수 wheat flour noodles
  81. 자장면 stir-fried noodles with chinese bean sauce
  82. 골뱅이무침 spicy bai top shells with mixed vegetables
  83. 맛탕 deep fried sweet potato with syrup
  84. 낙지볶음 stir-fried octopus
  85. 영수증을 주세요 Please give me a receipt
  86. 비프까스 beef cutlet
  87. 여기 계산서 좀 가져오세요. Please bring me the check.
  88. 깐풍기 fried chicken with garlic sauce
  89. 사이다 clear soda pop
  90. 갈낙전골 beef rib and octopus casserole
  91. 꽃게탕 blue crab stew
  92. 맵지 않게 해주세요. Don't make it hot (spicey).
  93. 메뉴 좀 보여 주세요? May I see the menu?
  94. 짬뽕 spicy seafood noodle soup
  95. 잠깐 기다려 주세요 We need a little more time
  96. 안심구이 grilled tenderloin
  97. 갈비찜 short rib stew
  98. 추어탕 loach and bean paste soup
  99. 편육 slices of boiled pork
  100. 잡탕밥 stir-fried mixed seafood with rice
  101. 김치볶음 kimchi fried rice
  102. 새우완자 pried shrimp balls
  103. 미역국 sea mustard soup
  104. 이걸 치워주시겠어요? Could you please take this away?
  105. 김밥 rice wrapped in seaweed
  106. 물냉면 watery buckwheat noodles
  107. 빨리 주세요 Can I have it right away?
  108. 된장찌개 bean paste stew
  109. 더덕구이 grilled toduk root
  110. 등심구이 grilled sirloin
  111. 부침개 flat cake
  112. 북어국 dried pollack soup
  113. 주문하시겠습니까? Are you ready to order?
  114. 감자전 potato pancake
  115. 물 좀 주세요. Please bring me some water
  116. 전 grilled pancake
  117. 불고기 barbecued beef
  118. 나중에 다시 오실래요? ould you come back later?
  119. 삼선짬뽕 noodle soup with mixed seafood in hot sauce
  120. 떡볶기 stir fried rice cake
  121. 낙지전골 octopus stew
  122. 김 dried laver
  123. 다시마 kelp
  124. 무엇을 권하시겠습니까? What do you recommend?
  125. 보쌈 variety vegetable wrap with rice and meat
  126. 잡채 mixed vegetables with noodles
  127. 버섯볶음 sauteed mushroom salad
  128. 가지나물 eggplant steamed or fried
  129. 알탕 spicy fish egg soup
  130. 차 tea
  131. 꽃빵 steamed chinese rolls
  132. 양장피 cold vegetable dish
  133. 신선로 fairy casserole
  134. 회 raw fish
  135. 고로케 deep fried dough stuffed with vegetables and others
  136. 꼬리곰탕 ox tail soup
  137. 비빔냉면 spicy buckwheat noodles
  138. 전복죽 abalone porridge
  139. 고추잡채 stir-fried pimento with meat and vegetables
  140. 술 alcoholic drink
  141. 죽 soup
  142. 양곱창구이 broiled beef tripe and chitterlings
  143. 김치전 pan-fried kimchi with flour
  144. 국 soup
  145. 포도주 wine
  146. 막걸리 raw rice wine
  147. 장어덮밥 boiled rice topped with eel
  148. 삼치구이 broiled Spanish mackerel
  149. 스끼야끼 sukiyaki
  150. 냉콩국수 noodles in soy bean water
  151. 오곡밥 five-grain rice
  152. 고기전 pan-fried meat
  153. 가자미구이 broiled flatfish
  154. 밥 rice
  155. 나물 herbs or wild greens
  156. 빈대떡 green-bean (lentil) pancake
  157. 김치전골 kimchi casserole
  158. 홍차 black tea
  159. 미역 brown seaweed
  160. 덮밥 rice topped with other ingredients
  161. 메뉴 좀 갖다주세요. Please give me a menu.
  162. 간장게장 blue crab marinated in soy sauce
  163. 소주 Korean distilled liquor
  164. 나박김치 red water kimchi
  165. 회냉면 buckwheat noodles with raw fish
  166. 고사리나물 parboiled fern bracken salad
  167. 치킨까스 chicken cutlet
  168. 샥스핀 shark's fin
  169. 매운탕 hot spicy fish soup
  170. 사시미 sashimi
  171. 생선까스 fish cutlet
  172. 난자완스 stir-fried minced meat balls with mixed vegetables
  173. 디저트를 주세요 I'd like a desert, please
  174. 누룽지밥 broiled scorched rice
  175. 주먹밥 rice ball
  176. 짜장밥 rice with Chinese bean sauce
  177. 갈비탕 ox short rib soup
  178. 팔보채 sauteed mixed seafood
  179. 오므라이스 omelet with rice
  180. 조림 hard-boiled food
  181. 물 좀 주세요. Please bring me some water.
  182. 맵지 않게 해주세요 Don't make it spicy
  183. 저도 같은 것으로 주세요 I'll have the same
  184. 취나물 scientific name: Ligularia fischeri
  185. 깐소새우 fried shrimp with chili sauce
  186. 돌솥비빔밥 sizzling vegetables on rice
  187. 장어구이 broiled eel
  188. 유부초밥 vinegar rice in a piece of fried bean curd
  189. 돌솥밥 boiled rice mixed with vegetables
  190. 갈치조림 boiled down hairtail
  191. 영수증을 주세요. Please give me a receipt.
  192. 홍어회무침 mixed raw skate and vegetables with seasoning
  193. 칼국수 handmade noodles
  194. 만두 dumplings
  195. 육개장 hot spicy stew soup
  196. 숙주나물 mung bean sprouts salad
  197. 보쌈김치 rolled kimchi
  198. 오뎅전골 boiled fish paste casserole and rice with side dishes
  199. 냉면 cold noodles in soup
  200. 튀김 deep fried foods
  201. 녹차 green tea
  202. 도가니탕 knuckle bone soup
  203. 청국장찌개 fast fermented bean paste stew
  204. 영양밥 boiled rice with various nutritious ingredients
  205. 과자 cookie
  206. 김치찌개 kimchi stew
  207. 삼겹살구이 grilled side of pork
  208. 여기 계산서 좀 가져오세요. Please bring me the check
  209. 볶음밥 stir-fried rice with egg and vegetables
  210. 돼지고기 pork
  211. 돈까스 pork cutlet
  212. 빵 bread
  213. 비빔밥 mixed vegetables on rice
  214. 파전 pancake with welsh onion
  215. 해물탕 seafood soup
  216. ... 일 인분 부탁 합니다. I'd like one order of ...
  217. 맛있는데요! This is good!
  218. 김초밥 dried laver with vinegar rice
  219. 이것과 이것으로 주세요 This and this, please.
  220. 다른 주문은 없으십니까? Anything else?
  221. 우동 Japanese noodles
  222. 콩나물 boiled and seasoned bean sprouts
  223. 주문받으세요 We are ready to order