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  1. eun, neun30 NK


  2. eol-ma-na ja-ju wa-yo?How often do you come?


  3. jeo a-ni-e-yoto be not, it is not, you are not


  4. geu-geo beo-ryeo-sseo-yoI threw it away


  5. sa-mu-sil + i-e-yoIt's an office


  6. an-nyeong-ha-se-yoHello


  7. jib-e ga-yoYou're NOT going home/ you DON'T go home?


  8. cheon1,000 SK


  9. eo-diwhere, which place


  10. i chaek-i jo-a-yoTHIS book is good (esp. after being asked "which book is good?"), this book is good compared to other books


  11. il-ggo si-peo-yoI want to play


  12. an-nyeong-hi ga-se-yoYou're staying and one or more person is leaving


  13. pal8 SK


  14. eo-je nu-ga wa-sseo-yo?How did you get here?


  15. hak-saengto do


  16. i, gasubject marking particles


  17. sataste


  18. i-reo-na-yoyou get up


  19. si-gan eop-seo-yoI want to rest


  20. cho ka-me-rato get someone's attention


  21. nu-ga hae-sseo-yo?did/ to have done


  22. da-seot (ta-seot)5 NK


  23. ma-si-sseo-yocame/ to have come


  24. seu-mul20 NK


  25. o-dato come


  26. ja-dato do


  27. seo-reun30 NK


  28. yeo-deol80 NK


  29. wa-sseo-yoI came


  30. mulwater


  31. ji-geum-kka-jito write down


  32. eol-maHow much (only for money or cost)


  33. eol-ma nae-sseo-yo?How much did you pay?


  34. eo-di ga-go si-peo-yowhere do you want to go?


  35. liquorThis, (near you) (as a modifier)


  36. na-jung-e (actual 'j' sound)5 NK


  37. i2 SK


  38. si-gan i-sseo-yoThere is time


  39. geu-geo an beo-ryeo-sseo-yoWho made that?


  40. a-kkato sleep


  41. i chaek jo-a-yoTHIS book is good (esp. after being asked "which book is good?"), this book is good compared to other books


  42. chiltaste


  43. geu-geot, geu-geothe thing, the item, that one, it


  44. i-geo nu-gu-ye-yo?Who is this?


  45. go-yang-icat


  46. dul (tongue between teeth)that is not liquor


  47. mwoEnding if a verb stem's last vowel is 'ah' or 'oh'


  48. I-sseo-yoThere is


  49. Neto


  50. orange100 SK


  51. ha-dato do


  52. -go si-peo-yoI want to


  53. beo-ri-ji a-na-yoI have an orange. There is an orange


  54. i-geo u-yu a-ni-e-yoit is not a cat


  55. ga-sseo-yoI came


  56. AniyoNo


  57. a-hopearlier (today), a while ago (today)


  58. mwo ha-go si-peo-yo?Do you want to go?


  59. si-ganto rest


  60. jib-e an ga-yo?it's not me


  61. do-cha-kae-sseo-yo?Who did it?


  62. i-reun80 NK


  63. bwa-sseo-yoI came


  64. i-geo-NEUN sa-gwa-ye-yothis item, this thing, this one


  65. jal meok-ge-sseum-ni-daI'm sorry, I apologize


  66. jeo-geo sul a-ni-e-yothat is not liquor


  67. a-heun40 NK


  68. eo-tteo-ke cha-ja-sseo-yo?How did you find it?


  69. geuYes


  70. geu-geo go-yang-i a-ni-e-yoit is not a cat


  71. beo-ri-dato throw away


  72. cham-si-MAN-yo, jam-KKAN-man-yo, Joe-song-ham-ni-daPassing through people


  73. hae-sseo-yodid/ to have done


  74. jeo+ye-yoIt's me


  75. eol-ma-na1 NK


  76. nu-ga jeon-hwa-hae-sseo-yo?Who called?


  77. eto


  78. i-geo mwo-ye-yoWhat's this?


  79. com-sa-ham-ni-daTo arrive


  80. baekto


  81. bo-dato see


  82. yeo-seot6 NK


  83. do-cha-kae-sseo-yoyou arrived


  84. eol-ma-na mu-geo-wo-yo?How often do you come?


  85. a-yoI go / you go / s/he goes / they go / let's go


  86. jeo sa-ramthat person over there, he, she


  87. eo-tteo-ke wa-sseo-yo?How did you get here?


  88. i-geo, i-geotthis, this one


  89. meok-dato see


  90. yeo-yoI go / you go / s/he goes / they go / let's go


  91. eo-jewhere


  92. o-ren-ji eop-seo-yoI don't have an orange. There is no orange.


  93. il-ha-go si-peo-yo]Do you want to go?


  94. il-dato sleep


  95. meok-go si-peo-yoI want to eat


  96. i-sseo-sseo-yowas/ to have been


  97. e-seo and bu-teofrom


  98. ga-sseo-yodid/ to have done


  99. nu-ga je-in-i-e-yo?Do you want to go?


  100. i-geot, i-geothis, this one


  101. sa-dato buy


  102. eon-jewhen


  103. ca-bang+i-e-yoit's not me


  104. a-ni-e-yoit's not me


  105. eo-di-e ga-go si-peo-yo?What do you want to do?


  106. eo-tteo-kethere isn't


  107. eop-seo-yoIt's not tasty/it tastes awful


  108. nu-gaWho, when emphasized as the subject of an action or state


  109. jeo hak-saeng a-ni-e-yoI am not a student


  110. u-yu a-ni-ey-yoIt's not milk


  111. chaekbook


  112. il8 SK


  113. nol-go si-peo-yoI want to rest


  114. ga-yoto buy


  115. eon-je hae-sseo-yo?When did you do it?


  116. nol-dato hang out/play


  117. a-i-seu-keu-rimUntil now


  118. haem-beo-geo ju-se-yoPlease give me a hamburger


  119. mwo-ye-yo?What is it/ what's that?


  120. i5 SK


  121. ga-go si-peo-yoI want to go somewhere


  122. jeowhat


  123. nae-iltomorrow


  124. i sa-ramthis person, this man here, this lady here, he, she


  125. i-reo-na-daTo get up


  126. eon-je do-cha-kae-sseo-yo?you arrived


  127. a-sseo-yo, eo-sseo-yo, yeo-sseo-yoI want to eat more


  128. wa-sseo-yocame/ to have come


  129. jal meo-geo-sseum-ni-daI ate/ I have eaten


  130. geu sa-ramto go


  131. do-cha-ka-daTo arrive


  132. o-ren-ji i-sseo-yoI have an orange. There is an orange


  133. han-gukto do


  134. set (soft t)4 NK


  135. e, e-seothe two most basic location-marking particles


  136. nae-il-kka-jiUntil tomorrow


  137. net (soft t)4 NK


  138. geuthe / that (near the other person, the person you're talking to you) (something you can't see)


  139. ju-se-yoplease give me


  140. nu-gu (when you say 'nu' put your tongue between your teeth)2 NK


  141. deo meok-go si-peo-yoI want to eat more


  142. swin (shin)50 NK


  143. eol-ma-ye-yo?How much is it?


  144. an-nyeong-hi cay-se-yoYou're staying and one or more person is leaving


  145. eo-yoat, in, from


  146. il-gopto be/exist


  147. shi-dato rest


  148. mul i-sseo-yodid/ to have done


  149. eon-je i-reo-na-yo?I want to play


  150. jib-e an ga-yoto get someone's attention


  151. i chaek-eun jo-a-yoTHIS book is good (esp. after being asked "which book is good?"), this book is good compared to other books


  152. chin-gu i-sseo-yoThere is time


  153. wae an wa-sseo-yo?Why didn't you come?


  154. yeo-deunwhere, which place


  155. a-i-seu-keu-rim ju-se-yoPlease give me a hamburger


  156. yuk (ryuk)6 SK


  157. wae3 SK


  158. oThis, (near you) (as a modifier)


  159. hae-sseo-yo?I came


  160. hak-gyo+ye-yoIt's a school


  161. sa-gwato buy


  162. it-dato be/exist


  163. sip10 SK


  164. eo-dito sleep


  165. ma-heun70 NK


  166. e-seoat, in, from


  167. hak-gyo-e ga-sseo-yodid/ to have done


  168. o-neul10 NK


  169. ut-dato laugh


  170. samtaste


  171. ga-go si-peo-yo?Do you want to go?


  172. ir-ha-daTo get up


  173. seo-ul-e-seo6 NK


  174. ga-dato do


  175. moreto


  176. mat4 SK


  177. ja-go si-peo-yoI want to


  178. hak-gyoschool


  179. jes-hung-ham-ni-daI'm sorry, I apologize


  180. jeok-dato write down


  181. mad-eop-seo-yoIt's not tasty/it tastes awful


  182. geu-geo nu-ga man-deu-reo-sseo-yo?Who made that?


  183. geu-geo a-jik an beo-ryeo-sseo-yoI DIDN'T throw it away yet


  184. nu-gu-ye-yo?It's a school


  185. ma-shi-dato drink


  186. ha-na1 NK


  187. ji-geumnow


  188. ye-sun60 NK


  189. o-neul nar-ssi-neun chun-ne-yoToday, not necessarily everything else too, but at least the weather is good


  190. kka-jiwhere, which place


  191. swi-go si-peo-yoI want to sleep


  192. han-gug-e wa-sseo-yoI have friends. / I have a friend. / There are friends.


  193. yeol10 NK


  194. nu-ga sa-sseo-yo?There is water. / Water exists. / I have water. / They have water.


  195. cho-gi-yoEnding for the verb stem 'ha'


  196. i ka-me-rathis camera


  197. Mul+i-e-yoIt's water


  198. sa-ramperson


  199. jeo-geot, jeo-gothe thing, the item, that one, it


  200. ka-me-rato work