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  1. jal jinesseoyohow are you?


  2. olenmanieyoMy name is...


  3. yeong-eo halsu isseoyo?How old are you?


  4. mannaseo bangawoyoNice to meet you


  5. jeoneun...esseo wasseoyoI'm from (country)...


  6. josimhaeyogoodbye


  7. what's your name?I can't speak korean


  8. haeng-unel bileoyoI can't speak korean


  9. dangsineunyotake care


  10. han-gukeo jokeum halsu isseoyocan you speak English?


  11. annyeonghaseyoNice to meet you


  12. jeoneun jal jinaeyoMy name is...


  13. jeoneun (seoleun) ssalieyoI"m 30 years old


  14. jal gayogoodbye


  15. han-gukeo motaeyohello (formal)


  16. jeoneun...ieyoMy name is...


  17. myeossaliseyo?it's been a while


  18. jal jinejimotaesseoyoI'm not well, thanks


  19. ddo bwayogoodbye