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  • Tih chu yuh?

    How are you? (f/m)

    ween chunuh?

    How are you? (pl)

    ween raHatneh?

    Entu martaHeen? Are you resting?

    warak qahweh vakhuh

    come, drink coffee with

    Em rrundneh o em raHatneh

    We are well and rested.

    Ta gooyuh?

    And you?

    Deh chedehkeh?

    What are you doing? (singular)

    Ween cheduhken?

    What are you doing? (plural)

    Teh chihkerr?

    What did you do?

    Ez tisht no kum

    I'm not doing anything

    Ez rooneshtehneh

    I'm sitting

    Ez boo3roedendiken

    I'm talking

    Emroonehshtehneh oo embetehroedendiken

    We are sitting and talking

    Ez jeHoreh vehdekhum (goruh)

    I'm smoking (a cigarette )


    Give me!

    koh jehghoroekeh bihmihduh

    Give me a cigarette

    Ez jeghoreh vehnokhum

    I don't want it

    Wherrh ning bookhar

    Come, eat bread with us

    wherrh jeh meh

    come to us (tai la andna)


    Come/tfaddol (spoken/classical)

    teh keef kirri

    You're fine ( You don't want it)



    tikeh Haareh kudaareh subaado?

    Where will you go tomorrow?


    You (m/f)




    to where



    Ez norum tehdehroe

    I don't want to go to the store.

    tikeh Hareh kiDareh?

    Where do you want to go?

    Ez nikaynem Harem tiDaroh

    I can't go anywhere

    Rrake gerrtina/gerrtiyuh

    i'tare' mmsekkir. The roads/(s) is closed.

    Ezke Haarem lihshughul bigahrum

    I will go look for work


    look/search for

    Ez nihzonem

    I don't know

    Ezke lejeownay behsakenum

    I don't want to wait for ____

    Ez neendukhum

    I am eating bread/food

    teh chikhor hehru?

    What did you eat today?

    Ez duhkhum

    I am eating

    Ez no nee sebay dukhum

    I am eating breakfast

    mij beerkehri /min chihkhor

    I forgot /what I ate



    Ez leh verrmuh

    I am here

    dehneh soruh/ jow soruh

    the world/weather is cold

    Tih herru chu kuh

    Where did you go today?

    Heru ez nehcheem TIHderoe

    I did not go anywhere

    bow mehkenuh

    strong wind

    MarHabo jehwarro

    Hello (to pl)

    sahto wuhkhush

    Goodbye (lit. Thanks, Lord give you strength)

    ana biddi oom wa rouH/ ez keh roebim Hehrem

    I want to get up and go

    e she min hey

    I have work

    khoedayb tehroe beh

    Allah yikoon mai3k/maak

    veeqoh pee jeebigr

    Close this door, too

    keishko ez buuwarohbuhmoe

    I wish I could be with you (pl)

    Em lih jem tehboeno

    I wish we were with you



    3juhleh bimuhroe denkuh

    You talk with me very fast/

    tikeh keechugh wuhrray Libnonay

    When do you want to return to Lebanon?


    What is happening?

    Leh jemwuh?

    What happened for you (pl) (today)?

    tist nehbee

    nothing happened

    Ghon qoweeh chihdehkay

    Jihan is making coffee

    jemaaroe li'mayakuh

    We will pray

    Ez keh shwaymayroe li'maykum

    I am praying for her

    Ez wahteh emkay injeelah buhkhweenin

    I'm studying the Bible with you



    shev baash

    Goodnight (classical)

    shehvoeteh khoshbay

    Goodnight (spoken)

    rooj baash

    Good morning (classical)

    siba toobkheir

    Good morning (spoken)

    khoeday teh beerooz behkay

    Lord bless you (m/f)

    khoeday wa beerooz behkay

    Lord bless you (pl)


    Thank you

    khoeteish tehrroe zeebee

    God be with you

    khoedab tejee roe zeebee

    God be with you

    khoedayb bihtehroebay

    God be with you



    jemweh soruh?

    Is it cold where you are?

    jemuh soruh.

    Yes. It is cold here. (I have cold)

    jemuh berrfah

    I have snow/it is snowing here

    herruh vehsebay jemuh rrundbi

    this morning was good

    aa vohray soruh

    in the evening it is cold



    neh berrfay wo neh booronhi


    jemuh boeroenuh

    There is rain (I have rain)

    jemuh bowuh (perruh)

    There is wind (very) (I have wind)

    jemuh soruh wo berrfleh3redayyuh

    It is cold and there is snow on the ground




    thank you


    you're welcome

    teh goochuh?

    what did you say?

    Ez dihkhozen bihwehroebim

    I would love to be with you (pl)

    tikeh sheer vekhay

    Do you want to drink some milk?

    ez je Haz nokum

    I don't like that

    Ez keh Haarem

    I will go to ...

    Ez keh khowkum

    I will go to sleep

    Ez keh Haarem keeneeseeyuh

    I will go to church

    Ez keh Haarem saffohreteh Amerko

    I will travel to America

    Ez keh Haarem jemdaykho

    I will go to my mom's house

    ez norum tehdehroe

    I don't want to go anywhere

    ez ke herru Harem jem Hehvohlaykho

    Today I want to visit my friend

    min herru peteta falafil khorun


    Ez keh neenboekhum

    I want to eat

    teh nonkhor?

    Did you eat?

    min khowkerrbi wo ez roebeem wo ez ber che beem

    I was sleeping and I woke up and I was very hungry

    ez chuum min mehreeshk honee wo mekhor

    I went and ate chicken

    min khowkerrbi

    I was sleeping



    Uray, min nonkhor

    Yes, I ate


    to your health


    to you


    and health to you

    seloumkeh jehmehroe

    I greet ________

    beurun /wara bihmawroe ruiina

    Sit with us (Imperative)

    Em tist no ken

    We are not doing anything

    Em lay telvizioneh sair deeken

    We are watching television

    Ez qaw-weh vehduhkhum

    I am drinking coffee

    teh chihdehkay noko?

    What are you doing now? (to m/f)

    jimmrroe howWulda

    Tell me (Imperative)

    Ez je rrundma o ma per beeroetekri


    suhboh/bow tub kheir

    Good morning

    khoeday teji beerooz behkay

    Lord bless you

    kito be min bihmehduh

    Give me the book

    no vee teh chee yuh

    What is your name?

    no vee bof kee teh chee yuh

    what is your father's name?

    no vee bof kee min Hannifa

    His name is Hannif?

    no vee broh key teh chee yuh?

    What is your brother's name

    no vee broh key min Adnaana

    His name is Adnaan

    no vee khoh key teh chee yuh?

    What is your sister's name?

    no vee khoh key min Foyzayah {Fiyzeh-his older sister}

    Her name is?

    no vee day key teh chee yuh?

    What is your mother's name?

    no vee day key min Nohzlayuh

    My mother's name is

    no vee jinay teh chee yuh?

    What is your wife's name?

    no vee jinay min Ghona

    My wife's name

    no vee meh ree teh chee yuh?

    What is your husband's name?

    no vee meh ree min Nidola

    My husband's name is Nidal

    no vee qee zeetah chee yuh

    What is your daughter's name?

    no vee qee ze min Faymaya

    My daughter's name is Faymay.

    no vee low wee teh chee yuh

    What is your son's name?

    no vee low wee min Hannifa




    meHus nahkir

    I did not hear you

    jorerik din

    Can you repeat that?

    no vee min Annia/ no vee min Nidola

    My name is


    Nice to meet you



    How/ whoon

    hinnen/entu same

    whoon lehkehbeen

    Where were you (pl)?




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