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  1. as yet, so far
  2. since
  3. (m) umbrella
  4. enough
  5. vt to know, to recognize
  6. acquaintance; familiar
  7. thief
  8. down, downwards; crooked, curved
  9. vt to leave, to let, to allow
  10. (f) association
  11. ever, never
  12. for a longtime (past)
  13. for now, for the time being,
    so far, as yet
  14. this is why, for this reason
  15. since, for
  16. how long (since when)
  17. one another
  18. vi (eg. a fire, a light) to go out,
    to die down, to fade
  19. vt to drive
  20. any more, no more
  21. vi to sit
  22. (f) place
  23. vi to walk around, to roam around
  24. vi (sun) to set
  25. vi (sun, moon, etc.) to rise
  26. vt (eg. a fire, a light) to put out,
    to extinguish, to switch off