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  • Koi yang num ma koi

    I walked my dog.

    Jao het wiek nyung?

    What do you do for work?

    Jao het eang bor?

    Did you cook it?

    Yang thua kin khao

    Not yet

    Kor hai mee mue t d.

    Have a good day.

    Ku chi sai thua

    bean with bread



    Par jao choi lai leo


    pen nyung pai kup Kila?

    Why do you go with Kila.

    Koi pai kun dieu


    koi pai gym thok mue

    I go to the gym everyday.

    Koi soy jao bor dai.

    I can't help you.

    Ker gao

    the same as before

    Jao fun wa jang dai?

    What did you dream about?

    Mi Dtang na bor?

    Do you have a front seat

    jot lot u sai

    Where is the parking lot?

    jao ka kue jun der

    You too.

    Jao mi sur si pha


    Kin nam za lai dr


    koi none mod mue

    I slept all day.

    Mi Kao soy bor

    Flat noodles.

    Lao u Than thuang




    aow oc

    take off/out

    bor kurn

    can't lift

    Kao conk

    Brown rice

    kan jab u bor?


    Mue ny lin ba


    Nyai con kean koi

    My arms are biggers

    Koi nyai con lai

    I am bigger.

    Mao kang

    Hung over

    khit hod Kee

    I miss Kee

    Phua het wiek dai jok pee leo?


    Nam dan sai noy 1

    Sugar water

    Kor Buan ay


    Jao lerk viek leo bor

    Did you finish work yet?

    Jao vang tonh dai

    When are you free?

    Mue ni jao c pai sai?

    What are you doing today?

    Jao pai kin jak kon?

    How many people are you eating with?

    Lok sai jao dai jok pee leo?


    Lok sao jao su yang?


    Mue Wan Put, koi pai ban moo u dern bin

    Last Thursday, I went to my friends house by the airport.

    Tom nam fer

    Pho broth.

    Me, kin nam derm

    Mom, drink some water.

    Mi uai nong jak kon

    How many siblings do you have?

    Kue viet

    Viet face.

    Het vieck dai jok pee leo?

    How many years have you worked at your job?

    Mae koi pai ban Pe nong lao leo


    Jao yak lin num phuak khoi bor?

    Do you want to join us?

    Koi saun jao kin coffee.

    I invite you to drink coffee?

    Koi aow ngern vai Cong leo


    Pai wat Vietnam ma. Ha kor hod ban dai buet 1

    I just came back from the temple. I just arrived home a little bit ago.

    Jao hieu kao bor?

    Are you hungry?

    A nee som lup jao

    This is for you.

    Mi khua taw dai?

    Fried noodles.

    Kam Ka jeb u bor?


    Pai ban Chan jang dai

    How will we go to Chan's house?

    Ek 5 na thi ja pai hong hien

    5 more minutes.

    Koi yuem "Killing Fields" dai bor?

    Can I borrow "The Killing Fields"?

    Bor yark jao soy.

    I don't want your help.

    Bor tong soy koi.

    Don't help me.

    Bor yark hai soy.

    Don't give me help.

    Jao ja fun d tha fun hen koi

    You will have good dreams if you dream of me.



    jao hom lai

    You smell good

    Fun d bor


    Jep thong u bor?

    Stomach ache

    Vang wan yung?


    Phak 2 duen

    Vacation 2 months





    Khai beer

    Beer opener

    Jao mak beb dai ?

    Which one do you like

    Jao look sao nor

    You woke up so early huh.

    Chor bor sa ad


    Phu ying an da lai


    U ni dai 3 Sua mong leo


    Jao het sep con

    Your cooking is better

    Dai yen yen

    Calm down

    Surn sep

    Enjoy your meal. (I can't join you)

    Thama da


    Ok ma

    Come outside (when you're outside).

    Ok bpai

    Go out (when you're inside)

    Apat dto

    Close the door



    Jao mac kon lao lua kon tha

    do you like laos ppl more than thai

    Kop jai jao ma

    Thank you for coming

    Kung 1


    Jao an da láy

    You are dangerous



    Mi pho yang bor

    Do you still have pho left

    Jao het hai koi d Jai lai lai

    You make me happy

    Koi ha kor hod ban vang ki ny

    I just came home a little ago

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