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  1. torn laengnoon


  2. torn tiangnoon


  3. torn kaang venevening


  4. saam mong paai sip haa na thee3.15 o'clock


  5. sii mong gnang sip haa na thee3.15 o'clock


  6. saam mong kheung3 o'clock


  7. sua monghour


  8. na theeminute


  9. saam mong3 o'clock


  10. vi na theeminute


  11. diao niiright now


  12. chak mong laewwhat time is it (now)?


  13. torn souailate morning


  14. torn baaiin the afternoon


  15. torn kaang kheunevening


  16. torn saoin the morning


  17. pa maanminute