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  1. Glass/cup
  2. Flat noodles.
  3. Do you still have pho left
  4. bean with bread
  5. What are you doing today?
  6. Brown rice
  7. Did you cook it?
  8. I walked my dog.
  9. tea
  10. Break/resr
  11. Bowl
  12. Go out (when you're inside)
  13. What did you dream about?
  14. Which one do you like
  15. take off/out
  16. Don't help me.
  17. When are you free?
  18. Thank you for coming
  19. son
  20. do you like laos ppl more than thai
  21. How many years have you worked at your job?
  22. I am bigger.
  23. Normal
  24. Pho broth.
  25. Viet face.
  26. Half
  27. Fried noodles.
  28. give
  29. Do you want to join us?
  30. spoon
  31. Are you hungry?
  32. I slept all day.
  33. You make me happy
  34. Close the door
  35. Nightmares.
  36. alone
  37. box
  38. daughter
  39. Sugar water
  40. Mom, drink some water.
  41. How many people are you eating with?
  42. Vacation 2 months
  43. I invite you to drink coffee?
  44. Where is the parking lot?
  45. 5 more minutes.
  46. You are dangerous
  47. Your cooking is better
  48. Have a good day.
  49. Can I borrow "The Killing Fields"?
  50. husband
  51. Woman
  52. Beer opener
  53. blue
  54. Why do you go with Kila.
  55. arms
  56. I just came back from the temple. I just arrived home a little bit ago.
  57. skinny
  58. Enjoy your meal. (I can't join you)
  59. You smell good
  60. Come outside (when you're outside).
  61. My arms are biggers
  62. Did you finish work yet?
  63. What do you do for work?
  64. Stomach ache
  65. You too.
  66. I go to the gym everyday.
  67. Far
  68. This is for you.
  69. Last Thursday, I went to my friends house by the airport.
  70. You woke up so early huh.
  71. can't lift
  72. Sell
  73. How will we go to Chan's house?
  74. I just came home a little ago
  75. Don't give me help.
  76. I miss Kee
  77. Not yet
  78. legs
  79. Calm down
  80. things
  81. How many siblings do you have?
  82. I don't want your help.
  83. chest
  84. I can't help you.
  85. Do you have a front seat
  86. Cousin
  87. shoulders
  88. Taste
  89. Hung over
  90. Hour
  91. the same as before
  92. You will have good dreams if you dream of me.
  93. upstairs
  1. a Koi nyai con lai
  2. b Jao lerk viek leo bor
  3. c Vang wan yung?
  4. d Apat dto
  5. e uoc
  6. f Koi aow ngern vai Cong leo
  7. g Lao u Than thuang
  8. h Seem
  9. i Jao mi sur si pha
  10. j Jao an da láy
  11. k Ok bpai
  12. l Nyai con kean koi
  13. m Dai yen yen
  14. n Koi yang num ma koi
  15. o Jao mak beb dai ?
  16. p bor kurn
  17. q aow oc
  18. r U ni dai 3 Sua mong leo
  19. s Koi saun jao kin coffee.
  20. t Kor hai mee mue t d.
  21. u Mue Wan Put, koi pai ban moo u dern bin
  22. v Jao mac kon lao lua kon tha
  23. w pen nyung pai kup Kila?
  24. x Bor tong soy koi.
  25. y Kor Buan ay
  26. z Mue ny lin ba
  27. aa Me, kin nam derm
  28. ab Jao het eang bor?
  29. ac Yang thua kin khao
  30. ad Mi Kao soy bor
  31. ae Jao fun wa jang dai?
  32. af koi none mod mue
  33. ag A nee som lup jao
  34. ah Jao hieu kao bor?
  35. ai Kāi
  36. aj Ker gao
  37. ak Mue ni jao c pai sai?
  38. al Jao pai kin jak kon?
  39. am Jao look sao nor
  40. an Fun d bor
  41. ao Jep thong u bor?
  42. ap Mi khua taw dai?
  43. aq Nam dan sai noy 1
  44. ar Kin nam za lai dr
  45. as Chor bor sa ad
  46. at Hai
  47. au kan jab u bor?
  48. av khit hod Kee
  49. aw Mi pho yang bor
  50. ax Surn sep
  51. ay Tom nam fer
  52. az Jao ja fun d tha fun hen koi
  53. ba Kung 1
  54. bb jot lot u sai
  55. bc Khai beer
  56. bd Koi soy jao bor dai.
  57. be Kam Ka jeb u bor?
  58. bf Ek 5 na thi ja pai hong hien
  59. bg Phu ying an da lai
  60. bh Mao kang
  61. bi Mi Dtang na bor?
  62. bj jao ka kue jun der
  63. bk Tôì
  64. bl Par jao choi lai leo
  65. bm Pai ban Chan jang dai
  66. bn Jao het sep con
  67. bo Ku chi sai thua
  68. bp Bor yark jao soy.
  69. bq Jao het hai koi d Jai lai lai
  70. br Ok ma
  71. bs Mi uai nong jak kon
  72. bt Pai wat Vietnam ma. Ha kor hod ban dai buet 1
  73. bu Phua het wiek dai jok pee leo?
  74. bv Jao yak lin num phuak khoi bor?
  75. bw Singkhong
  76. bx Lok sai jao dai jok pee leo?
  77. by Kái
  78. bz Bor yark hai soy.
  79. ca jao hom lai
  80. cb Koi yuem "Killing Fields" dai bor?
  81. cc Jao het wiek nyung?
  82. cd Kue viet
  83. ce Kop jai jao ma
  84. cf Mae koi pai ban Pe nong lao leo
  85. cg Kao conk
  86. ch Thama da
  87. ci Het vieck dai jok pee leo?
  88. cj Lok sao jao su yang?
  89. ck Phak 2 duen
  90. cl Koi ha kor hod ban vang ki ny
  91. cm koi pai gym thok mue
  92. cn Koi pai kun dieu
  93. co Jao vang tonh dai