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  1. thanks for taking a picture of me
  2. Shrimp
  3. Short leg
  4. waiting for friends to eat together
  5. are there people sitting here?
  6. where have you been?
  7. Save money to spend
  8. some people are finished work
  9. triceps
  10. I want to try
  11. Today i'm wearing blue
  12. Can i borrow the key
  13. They have money but no free time.
  14. What are you waiting for?
  15. The same as the other one
  16. Don't know how to do it
  17. I rinse after each time i eat
  18. That day I didn't go to work
  19. Every time I hear a new words, i write it in the book
  20. Drive safely
  21. Please turn on the air for me
  22. I will show you how to do one by one
  23. tell him
  24. Fore arms
  25. Leg shaking
  26. I don't know how to drive
  27. traffic light turn right
  28. to smell
  29. Move please
  30. the gym was closed yesterday
  31. invite
  32. Tomato jel
  33. let me see you try
  34. One day
  35. This road is dusty
  36. Grill tomato
  37. When did you leave your house
  38. This is Kee's friend
  39. From mm to udon
  40. Saturday carry table
  41. Close the door please
  42. I am going to my friend's new baby
  43. same person came yesterday
  44. Where are you going?
  45. Lets go
  46. Be careful
  47. Down stairs
  48. Did you change your clothes yet?
  49. When does the bank have off?
  50. Who is your teacher?
  51. Today is rainy
  52. Grill chicken
  53. Do you have oranges
  54. i'm a little better
  55. The dish is not clean
  56. Do you want some black tea
  57. I still Don't have energy
  58. please send to me
  59. give that to me
  60. Can you pass the fork
  61. I am Still not better
  62. Get better soon
  63. Heating the food
  64. How long were you there
  65. Egg plant
  66. order more bor?
  67. You go first
  68. have a good trip
  69. It's a been a long time since I have come to the gym.
  70. I was worried about you yesterday
  71. wash dishes
  72. your hair grows faster than Kee
  73. It rained this morning
  74. I think you went to the hospital already
  75. salty
  76. Can i please have some chopsticks
  77. Can i pay for it
  1. a Aow som hai ne
  2. b Dtae talad sao pai Udon
  3. c Jao U han don pan dai
  4. d Mue ni phuak hao lin Na Khàn
  5. e Lạng kàn
  6. f Tha nak han phak mua dai
  7. g Bang khon lerk wiek leo
  8. h At padu hai ne
  9. i Pom kun jao wai con Kee
  10. j Koi kin khueng bor dai
  11. k Bor mi hang thua
  12. l Kor Mai two
  13. m Mue wan ni gym beet
  14. n Koi sawn jao het thua la anh
  15. o Kop jai thai hoo koi
  16. p A han Khem lai
  17. q Mue ny fon thok lai
  18. r Jao ock ban jok mong
  19. s Phai dang lieu qua
  20. t Koi Pen houng jao kern wan ni
  21. u Yuem ga tre buit 1 dai bor
  22. v Jao pai sai ma
  23. w Sâng (gas Viet) mai bor
  24. x Wan sao leo kun dtó
  25. y Ha moo kin khao num kun
  26. z Chok bor sa ad
  27. aa Jao Pai con
  28. ab Aow man hai ne
  29. ac A jan jao man phai?
  30. ad Mue nanh bor ma wiek
  31. ae Yak long
  32. af Lat vang maa kat
  33. ag khoy ma mut khan moo
  34. ah Long bg
  35. ai Kam lang uon a han
  36. aj Mue 1 suen koi ma lin num jao
  37. ak Kep ngern vai sai u america poc va peng lai
  38. al Mue ny sai si kieu
  39. am Khao jao mi ngern tair va bor mi ve la vang
  40. an Sao wai drr
  41. ao Jao Bien sur leo bor?
  42. ap Dōm dok mai
  43. aq Lao mi Ka sānh (short)
  44. ar Kop jai jao suen koi ma
  45. as Lai ngoen sue
  46. at D leo noy 1
  47. au Mi kon nạng bor?
  48. av Kin Sa (far viet) dam bor
  49. aw Kue kan kup dto kone
  50. ax Kup lot d d der
  51. ay Don leo t bor ma gym
  52. az Thok kang koi fung kham sup mai, koi kien u nai pum.
  53. ba Burt AC hai ne
  54. bb Bor pen kup lot
  55. bc Het jel mac len
  56. bd Sao ny fon thok
  57. be Yang bor d kun
  58. bf Het g mac len
  59. bg Tha yung?
  60. bh Pai ler
  61. bi Dern thang pot phay
  62. bj Ynái ne
  63. bk A ni man moo Kee
  64. bl Jao mac kin mak kura bor
  65. bm Jao Bpai sai
  66. bn Het ping gai
  67. bo Mue wan ni khon dieu kun ma
  68. bp Lao kam lang Lāng chan
  69. bq Bor hoo het jang dai
  70. br Koi Kit va jao pai ha mor leo
  71. bs Ka sanh (blue VT)
  72. bt Hon tang mi Ki fuon lai
  73. bu Pai san loom
  74. bv Bok lao koi ma sa
  75. bw Song hai ne
  76. bx Mi mak kieng bor
  77. by Buon park thok kang lang kin khao