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  1. jow sue yuongim hungry


  2. jowyou


  3. koi bawl sa biI am not very well


  4. kalunaplease


  5. jowI or me


  6. Cop jai lie lieThank you very much


  7. koiyou


  8. sabiadeeHello


  9. sabiadee bawHello


  10. sabiadee cop yi jow daeI am fine, thanks and you?


  11. koi heu namim full


  12. koi heu coutim hungry


  13. koi yak pieI want to go


  14. cop yiThank you


  15. yin dee doon hapwelcome


  16. koi sue Destiny (your name)My name is...... Destiny


  17. koi ya ginI want to go


  18. jow ma jock siWhere are you from?


  19. koi eumim full


  20. koi coal toodI am sorry


  21. bawlyou


  22. jow sabidee bawlhow are you


  23. koi sabideeI am fine