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  • aqua, aquae

    water (f)

    ager, agrī

    field or farm (m)

    agricola, agricolae

    farmer (m)

    casa, casae

    house (f)

    carrus, carrī

    cart or wagon (m)

    dominus, dominī

    master (m)

    equus, equī

    horse (m)

    fēmina, fēminae

    woman (f)

    fīlia, fīliae

    daughter (f)

    fīlius, fīliī

    son (m)

    puer, puerī

    boy (m)

    puella, puellae

    girl (f)

    servus, servī

    servant, slave (m)

    vacca, vaccae

    cow (f)

    vir, virī

    man (m)

    amō, amāre, amāvī, amātus

    to love or to like

    laudō, laudāre, laudāvī, laudātus

    to praise

    portō, portāre, portāvī, portātus

    to carry

    terreō, terrēre, terruī, territus

    to scare, fighten, or terrify

    videō, vidēre, vīdī, vīsus

    to see or observe

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