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  • amīca, amīcae

    female friend (f)

    amīcus, amīcī

    male friend (m)

    aquila, aquilae

    eagle (f)

    cunīculus, cunīculī

    rabbit (m)

    herba, herbae

    plant (f)

    hortus, hortī

    garden (m)

    porta, portae

    gate (f)

    rana, ranae

    frog (f)

    rosa, rosae

    rose (f)

    taurus, taurī

    bull (m)

    vipera, viperae

    snake or viper (f)

    cōgitō, cōgitāre, cōgitāvī, cōgitātus

    to think, ponder, or consider

    dō, dare, dedī, datus

    to give or offer

    doceō, docēre, docuī, doctus

    to teach

    habeō, habēre, habuī, habitus

    to have, hold, or possess

    moneō, monēre, monuī, monitus

    to warn, advise, or remind

    remaneō, remanēre, remānsī, remānsus

    to remain, abide, or stay

    servō, servāre, servāvī, servātus

    to save, keep, guard, or protect

    vocō, vocāre, vocāvī, vocātus

    to call or summon

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