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  1. fabula, fabulae, f.
    fatherland, country


  2. narro, narrāre, narravi, narratum
    to tell


  3. nunc


  4. habeo, habēre, habui, habitum
    to have


  5. forma, formae, f.
    form, appearance


  6. curo, curāre, curavi, curatum
    to prepare, get ready


  7. paro, parāre, paravi, paratum
    to love


  8. diu
    for a long time


  9. exspecto, exspectāre, exspectavi, exspectatum
    to live, dwell


  10. debeo, debēre, debui, debitum
    to have


  11. voco, vocāre, vocavi, vocatum
    to prepare, get ready


  12. amo, amāre, amavi, amatum
    to love


  13. sum
    I am


  14. non


  15. ambulo, ambulāre, ambulavi, ambulatum
    to walk


  16. patria, patriae, f.
    fatherland, country


  17. video, vidēre, vidi, visum
    to see


  18. teneo, tenēre, tenui, tentum
    ought, should; to owe


  19. habito, habitāre, habitavi, habitatum
    to have