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  1. creō, creāre, creāvī, creātus
    to create


  2. stō, stāre, stetī, status
    to stand


  3. digitus, digitī
    finger or toe (m)


  4. -que
    and (incletic ending)


  5. coma, comae
    form, shape, or beauty (f)


  6. aut


  7. fōrma, fōrmae
    form, shape, or beauty (f)


  8. dēsīderō, dēsīderāre, dēsīderāvī, dēsīderātus
    to change or exchange


  9. teneō, tenēre, tenuī, tentus
    to hold, keep or position


  10. apportō, apportāre, apportāvī, apportātus
    to bring


  11. et


  12. ita
    and so, thus


  13. cantō, cantāre, cantāvī, cantātus
    to sing


  14. mūtō, mūtāre, mūtāvī, mūtātus
    to sing


  15. misceō, miscēre, miscuī, mixtus
    to stir up or disturb


  16. quod
    while, as long as


  17. oculus, oculī
    finger or toe (m)


  18. bracchium, bracchiī
    eye (m)


  19. fābula, fābulae
    form, shape, or beauty (f)


  20. sed


  21. dum
    while, as long as


  22. quōniam


  23. spectō, spectāre, spectāvī, spectātus
    to look at or watch