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  • Ačiū

    Thank you




    I don't know

    Labas rytas.

    Good morning

    Laba diena

    hello (during the day)

    Labas vakaras

    Good evening


    Goodnight (before someone goes to sleep)


    Goodbye (go with God)

    Viso gero


    Iki pasimatymo

    See you later


    see you


    Bon appetite

    Į sveikatą!

    Cheers! (to your health); God bless you (when someone sneezes)

    Kaip sekasi?

    How are you?

    Ačiū. Gerai. O tau?

    Thank you. Fine. And you?




    Not bad

    šiaip sau/


    Mano telefono numeris ...

    My phone number is ...

    Mano adresas ...

    My address is ...


    Excuse me / Sorry


    Good luck!

    Nėra už ka.

    It's nothing.

    Nieko tokio.

    It's nothing. (Don't mention it.)





    Ar galite man pedėti?

    Can you help me?




    I'm listening. (on the phone)

    Prašom pakartoti.

    Please repeat.

    Prašom palaukti.

    Please wait.

    Prašom sustoti.

    Please stop.

    Prašom pasakyti.

    Please tell / speak

    Prašom duoti ...

    Please give me ...

    Prašom saskaita (čekį)

    Please give me the bill

    Prašom taksi.

    Taxi, please.

    Kur yra tualetas?

    Where are the toilets?

    Kur yra bendrabutis?

    Where is the dormitory?

    Kur yra biblioteka?

    Where is the library?

    Atsiprašau, kur yra paštas?

    Excuse me, where is the post office?

    Atsiprašau, kur yra parduotuvė?

    Excuse me, where is the shop?

    Kiek kainuoja kava?

    How much for the coffee?

    Aš norėčiau kokakolos.

    I would like a coke.

    Aš norėčiau vandens. O tu?

    I would like water. And you?

    Ar galima meniu?

    Could I have the menu?

    Ar galima valgiarašti?

    Could we have the menu?

    Ar jūs kalbata angliškai?

    Do you speak English?

    Aš nekalbu lietuviškai.

    I don't speak Lithuanian.

    Aš nesuprantu vokiškai.

    I don't understand German.

    Aš gyvenu studentų bendrabutyje.

    I live in the student dorms.

    Čia studijuoju lietuvių kalba.

    I am studying Lithuanian language here.

    Kos autobusas važiuoja į centrą?

    Which bus goes to the (city) center?


    I am lost.

    Aš taip pat.

    Me too

    Ar einame į biblioteką?

    Are we going to the library?

    Ar einame į sporto kluba?

    Are we going to the sports club?

    Kada einame į kiną?

    When are we going to the cinema?

    Kada bus egzaminas?

    When is the exam?

    Greitai. Penktadienį.

    Soon. On Friday.

    Aš Tave myliu!

    I love you!

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