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  • How are you?


    I am fine

    Mamwei nanu ara supat

    I am fine [lit., I am not sick]

    Ara nano bioto mamwei

    We are fine

    Kira biot mekimoyaa

    We are fine [alternate response]

    Kira iyook biot

    Hi, how are you? [More colloquial]


    I'm fine [Colloquial]

    Sidai naleng

    Good morning? (6am-3pm)

    Irriaga esidai?

    I am fine (6am-3pm)

    Airriaga esidai mamwei

    We are fine (6am-3pm)

    Kirriaga esidai mekimwei

    How was your day? (3pm-midnight)

    Isinta esidai?

    I am fine (3pm-midnight)

    Aisinta esidai mamwei

    We are fine (3pm-midnight)

    Kisinta esidai mekimwei

    Greeting to an elderly man

    Paapa [Oi], supaay? [Apa]

    Greeting to an elderly woman

    Yeeyo [Eyo], takwenya? [Iko]

    Greeting to 2+ elderly men

    Iloopaapa endasupaay

    Greeting to 2+ elderly women

    Inoyeeyo entakwenya

    Greeting to a young man

    Lemurran endasupaay

    Greeting to 2+ young men

    Endasupaay lemurran

    Greeting to a young woman

    Supaay esiangiki

    Greeting to 2+ young women

    Nasiangikin entakwenya

    Greeting 2+ girls or group of mixed kids

    Nakeraa entakwenya

    Greeting to 2+ boys

    Ilooleyaiyo endasupaay


    Etaa sere

    Have a nice day

    Ayewoki endama sidai

    Good night

    Ayewoki engiorie sidai

    Good night [alternate]

    Enkiwarie sidai

    Sleep well

    Tapero/ragie esidai

    Sleep well [alternate]

    Iragie enkisha

    Sleep well [to a group]

    Entaperi esidai

    How did you wake up today?

    Itudumunye iyee te sidai

    I slept well

    Kitudumunye tesidai

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