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  1. attach themselves to a man
  2. become pregnant
  3. to her new village
  4. they sing in groups
  5. because their brothers mistreat them. and are happy to have their own home and bed.
  6. daughter without mishap
  7. The women
  8. mother in laws house
  9. the boys and girls
  10. Toroboro (Pygmies) Kikuyu (farmers) and the Maasai (Pastoralists)
  11. They believe that all cattle in the world are theirs by right.
  12. Enkai. They believe they are his chosen people.
  13. her childhood name and is becoming a woman
  14. walking rights
  15. children.
  16. the warriors
  17. Women and children
  18. Cattle
  1. a After a girl is circumcised, she has the right to
  2. b In the circumcision ceremony, a girl is giving away
  3. c Who builds the houses in Massai culture?
  4. d Before circumcision, girls belong to
  5. e When the girl's parents have a circumcision ceremony, they are announcing they have a
  6. f who are considered wealth in themselves?
  7. g After the circumcision, the girl goes where?
  8. h When she is brought to the new village and shown her cattle, she is given what rights?
  9. i The girls first four nights in the new village are spent at her
  10. j Marriages are arranged for
  11. k The Massai believe in one high God named
  12. l In order to survive, women have to
  13. m Women give away their _____ as presents to women
  14. n What do Maasai do to express their feelings?
  15. o Why are Massai women happy to be married?
  16. p Marriage has more to do with ______ than friendship and affection.
  17. q Originially, there were only three groups of people created named
  18. r The Maasai believe what about their cattle?