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1989 Multiple choice questions

  1. instant noodle root: (noun)
  2. traffic light root: (cpd n)
  3. accident; crash 意外 root: (noun)
  4. last week root: (phrase)
  5. progress root: maju (noun)
  6. fortunate 幸运 root: langkah (adj)
  7. because root: (adverb)
  8. end root: (adverb)
  9. hangs root: (verb)
  10. younger sibling root: (noun)
  11. comparing root: banding (verb)
  12. to have root: (verb)
  13. leave root: (noun)
  14. full-time job root: (noun)
  15. father root: (noun)
  16. yesterday; day before yesterday root: (adverb)
  17. friend root: (noun)
  18. liver root: (noun)
  19. deny root: (verb)
  20. to start root: (verb)
  21. fence root: (noun)
  22. enemy root: (noun)
  23. communication root: hugung (noun)
  24. just walk root: (phrase)
  25. headache root: (noun)
  26. this morning root: (noun)
  27. appointment 任命 root: lantik (noun)
  28. only child root: (noun)
  29. waste root: habis (verb)
  30. memory root: kenang (noun)
  31. mirror root: (noun)
  32. light bulb root: (noun)
  33. apartment root: (noun)
  34. which is.... root: (expression)
  35. labor 做粗活的人 root: (noun)
  36. ash root: (noun)
  37. mortgage root: (noun)
  38. also root: ()
  39. self reliance 獨立 root: (noun)
  40. even though; although 即使,虽然 root: biar (adverb)
  41. compose 作曲 root: (verb)
  42. nature root: (noun)
  43. what else? root: (phrase)
  44. sometimes; occassionally root: kadang (adverb)
  45. poor "name" root: an "name" (expression)
  46. basketball root: (noun)
  47. golden root: asan (adj)
  48. range (mountain range) root: (noun)
  49. to share root: kongsi (verb)
  50. swollen root: (adj)
  51. dessert; cake root: (noun)
  52. militarized root: (adj)
  53. to nominate root: alonkan (verb)
  54. some; several; a few (for countables) root: (adj)
  55. developed country root: (noun)
  56. fence root: (noun)
  57. able (managed) to do "verb" root: (rule)
  58. monkey root: (noun)
  59. rich root: (adj)
  60. explode root: letup (verb)
  61. family planning root: (noun)
  62. hole root: (noun)
  63. people root: (noun)
  64. son-in-law root: (cpd n)
  65. report root: (noun)
  66. spider root: h-labah (noun)
  67. fried (with oil); sautee 用油煎或炒 root: tumis (verb)
  68. drive; root word for memandu root: (verb)
  69. end; edge root: (noun)
  70. supply root: bekal (noun)
  71. make sense root: (expression)
  72. clinic root: (noun)
  73. strong wind root: (phrase)
  74. on behalf of root: (expression)
  75. crust 外殼 root: (noun)
  76. staff root: tangan (noun)
  77. let 随便 root: ()
  78. to marry (for man) root: isteri (verb)
  79. pee root: (verb)
  80. cow root: (noun)
  81. very early morning root: (cpd n)
  82. bloom root: (verb)
  83. pink root: (noun)
  84. thousands and thousands root: ()
  85. line; row 線條 root: (noun)
  86. expression like (that's how it is; that's life) root: (expression)
  87. together; together with; with root: (adverb)
  88. to orient towards root: kiblat (verb)
  89. over; exceed root: lampau (verb)
  90. mango root: (noun)
  91. commissioned root: tauliah (adj)
  92. Thursday night root: (phrase)
  93. and root: ()
  94. to give ... root: (rule)
  95. to enable root: boleh (verb)
  96. aspect for national security root: (phrase)
  97. in-law root: (noun)
  98. ceremonial (traditional) root: adat (adj)
  99. monitor root: pantau (verb)
  100. old; ugly looking (for object appearance) root: (adj)
  101. nail root: (noun)
  102. lining; pad root: (noun)
  103. deliver root: (verb)
  104. visit root: kunjung (noun)
  105. truth root: (noun)
  106. to oppose root: (verb)
  107. is fortunate root: (adj)
  108. ancestor root: (noun)
  109. approved by... root: (verb)
  110. chase 追赶 root: kejar (verb)
  111. manager root: urus (noun)
  112. add in 放 root: (verb)
  113. headache; dizziness root: (noun)
  114. stain root: (noun)
  115. to sign root: (verb)
  116. alcoholic drinks root: (noun)
  117. side dish root: (noun)
  118. Egypt root: (noun)
  119. crime root: yah (noun)
  120. break; shatter root: (verb)
  121. star root: (noun)
  122. interest; benefit 利益 root: penting (noun)
  123. pipe root: (noun)
  124. oil rig root: (noun)
  125. death sentence root: (noun)
  126. born root: (verb)
  127. converge; to concentrate root: tumpu (verb)
  128. better root: (adj)
  129. to fry root: (verb)
  130. passes root: (verb)
  131. observed root: perhati (verb)
  132. send someone to airport root: (phrase)
  133. about root: -kira (adverb)
  134. mother root: (noun)
  135. tail root: (noun)
  136. attend root: (verb)
  137. to see (w/ interaction); found root: (verb)
  138. last week root: (phrase)
  139. to be merciful root: kasih (verb)
  140. leakage 洩露 root: tiris (noun)
  141. ring (jewelry) root: (noun)
  142. liquid root: (noun)
  143. shortcut root: (noun)
  144. sudden increase root: dadah (verb)
  145. pregant root: (adj)
  146. most (...est) form root: (rule)
  147. tastless root: (adj)
  148. community; society root: (noun)
  149. stupid root: (adj)
  150. glass (of water) root: (adj)
  151. celebration root: (noun)
  152. food menu root: (noun)
  153. oil field root: (noun)
  154. balance; equilibrium root: (noun)
  155. former root: (adj)
  156. bleeding; bleed root: darah (verb)
  157. belittled root: kecil (verb)
  158. threat root: ancam (noun)
  159. wind root: (noun)
  160. mostly root: banyak (adverb)
  161. raided root: serbu (verb)
  162. to invent; to create; to design root: reka (verb)
  163. rough; coarse 粗糙的 root: (adj)
  164. to ready root: sedia (adj)
  165. to entertain root: hibur (verb)
  166. "teens" for numbers root: ()
  167. knead root: (verb)
  168. a joke root: gurau (noun)
  169. cloth; fabric root: (noun)
  170. potato root: (noun)
  171. sentence root: (noun)
  172. instinct root: (noun)
  173. chin root: (noun)
  174. correction root: betul (noun)
  175. to separate root: pisah (verb)
  176. table root: (noun)
  177. lighter shade of "color" root: (rule)
  178. to respond root: balas (verb)
  179. slippery root: (adj)
  180. relationship root: hugung (noun)
  181. to freeze root: (verb)
  182. final; end (for decision) root: (adj)
  183. mashed potato root: ang lenyek (noun)
  184. trade root: dagang (noun)
  185. to fund root: (verb)
  186. assorted 各种各样,形形色色 root: (adj)
  187. crab root: (noun)
  188. relieving .... 緩解; 減輕 root: lega (verb)
  189. sunset root: hari jatuh (noun)
  190. gravy root: (noun)
  191. to drink root: (verb)
  192. noun root: (noun)
  193. vocabulary root: endaharaan kata (noun)
  194. to support root: sokong (verb)
  195. it's my fault root: (phrase)
  196. to murder; to kill root: bunuh (verb)
  197. drugs (illegal) root: (noun)
  198. to claim; plead root: aku (verb)
  199. invites root: jemput (verb)
  200. corporation root: badan (noun)
  201. realize root: sedar (verb)
  202. current 現時 root: (adj)
  203. development root: kembang (noun)
  204. funny root: geli (adj)
  205. to hear root: (verb)
  206. quite cheap root: (phrase)
  207. opportunity root: sempat (noun)
  208. to dream root: (verb)
  209. class root: (noun)
  210. compensation root: rugi (noun)
  211. ago root: (adverb)
  212. free (as no money required) root: uma (adj)
  213. attractive; interesting; impressive root: tarik (adj)
  214. urge root: seru (verb)
  215. because root: ()
  216. help; assistance root: bantu (noun)
  217. buy root: (verb)
  218. consequent; resulting root: (adj)
  219. to print root: cetak (verb)
  220. light; liquidy; dissolved (for liquid) root: (adj)
  221. personal root: badi (adj)
  222. one way street root: (phrase)
  223. will root: ()
  224. with; at (as an adj) root: (conjunction)
  225. support root: gantung (noun)
  226. overflow; spill over root: limpah (verb)
  227. foreign root: (adj)
  228. dry root: (adj)
  229. photographs root: (noun)
  230. hard root: (adj)
  231. thin root: (adj)
  232. commitment root: tmen (noun)
  233. involves... root: babit (verb)
  234. to lie; to cheat root: tipu (verb)
  235. calf root: (noun)
  236. parents-in-law root: (noun)
  237. to engage root: tunang (verb)
  238. rice (cooked) root: (noun)
  239. mind root: (noun)
  240. collection root: ksi (noun)
  241. assistant root: tolong (noun)
  242. overflow root: limpah (noun)
  243. related root: saudara (verb)
  244. to shower root: ()
  245. tool; device root: (noun)
  246. quick root: (adj)
  247. control root: (noun)
  248. call; phonecall root: (noun)
  249. sin root: (noun)
  250. disect root: (verb)
  251. wallet root: (noun)
  252. headquarter root: (noun)
  253. hunt root: buru (verb)
  254. water root: (noun)
  255. great 非常的;极大的 root: (adj)
  256. father-in-law root: (noun)
  257. grammar root: (noun)
  258. breath out; exhale root: (verb)
  259. switch off; turn off root: padam (verb)
  260. shoes root: (noun)
  261. cancel 取消 root: batal (verb)
  262. well root: (phrase)
  263. defense root: tahan (noun)
  264. clothes; clothing root: pakai (noun)
  265. make a U-turn root: (verb)
  266. cereal root: (noun)
  267. round shaped root: (adj)
  268. soft root: (adj)
  269. laugh root: (verb)
  270. introduction root: kenal (noun)
  271. to mix with something root: (verb)
  272. smells root: bau (verb)
  273. racism root: kaum (noun)
  274. to drive root: pandu (verb)
  275. thigh root: (noun)
  276. sleepy root: (adj)
  277. underdeveloped country root: (noun)
  278. fine; delicate; very small root: (adj)
  279. sacrifice 牺牲 root: korban (verb)
  280. first root: ama (adj)
  281. rotting root: ulat (verb)
  282. parachute root: (noun)
  283. speak at length root: (phrase)
  284. profit root: untung (noun)
  285. field (of study) root: (noun)
  286. from root: (prep)
  287. burdensum; cause burden to root: beban (verb)
  288. from (from another person) root: (prep)
  289. go to north root: (phrase)
  290. older brother root: (noun)
  291. heavy rain fall root: (phrase)
  292. connected to root: sambung (verb)
  293. sorry root: ()
  294. comparison root: banding (noun)
  295. to give birth to root: lahir (verb)
  296. coal 煤炭 root: (noun)
  297. to join root: serta (verb)
  298. a murder root: bunuh (noun)
  299. software root: (noun)
  300. palate; roof of mouth root: (noun)
  301. make into noun root: (rule)
  302. garlic 蒜 root: (noun)
  303. stab root: tikam (verb)
  304. still root: (adverb)
  305. wealth root: kaya (noun)
  306. labor root: (noun)
  307. allergy root: alah (noun)
  308. foundation; basis; principle root: (noun)
  309. addicted to drugs root: (adj)
  310. visitor root: wat (noun)
  311. court root: (noun)
  312. drinks root: (noun)
  313. to help root: bantu (verb)
  314. league root: (noun)
  315. glass (as in a glass of water) root: (noun)
  316. morning root: (noun)
  317. to return root: (verb)
  318. scream root: jerit (noun)
  319. tiger root: (noun)
  320. to exercise (in sport) root: senam (verb)
  321. move root: pindah (noun)
  322. late; slow root: (adj)
  323. example root: (noun)
  324. to win root: (verb)
  325. thumb root: (noun)
  326. hot root: (verb)
  327. to renew root: baru (baharu) (verb)
  328. need root: (verb)
  329. to try root: (verb)
  330. teach root: (verb)
  331. takecare one's feeling root: (phrase)
  332. seller root: (noun)
  333. property root: (noun)
  334. virgin root: (noun)
  335. human; man 人 root: (noun)
  336. is allowed to root: (verb)
  337. except root: (preposition)
  338. less root: (adj)
  339. eat breakfast root: (verb)
  340. disadvantage root: buruk (noun)
  341. to dance root: (verb)
  342. to spell root: eja (verb)
  343. to withdraw; to retreat root: undur (verb)
  344. right root: (noun)
  345. responsible for root: (adverb)
  346. education root: kaji (noun)
  347. victim root: (noun)
  348. adjacent root: sebelah (adj)
  349. go out root: (phrase)
  350. cave root: (noun)
  351. hotel root: (noun)
  352. wall (interior) root: (noun)
  353. to celebrate (for religious holidays) root: raya (verb)
  354. nostril root: (noun)
  355. to trap 陷 root: perangkap (verb)
  356. pets root: (noun)
  357. confused; undecided 迷惑,昏乱 root: (adj)
  358. chocolate (candy) root: (noun)
  359. proof root: (noun)
  360. opponent root: (noun)
  361. to be loving root: kasih (verb)
  362. person doing as "noun" root: + noun (rule)
  363. training; exercise (as in workbook) root: (noun)
  364. open root: (verb)
  365. bed root: (noun)
  366. tight; strict root: (adj)
  367. detriment; cause harm or loss root: mudarat (verb)
  368. hate; resent root: (verb)
  369. orphan root: (noun)
  370. New Year Resolution root: (cpd n)
  371. to spend root: belanja (verb)
  372. heavy rain root: (adj)
  373. underage root: (adj)
  374. sidewalk; pavement root: (noun)
  375. hail root: (noun)
  376. therefore root: ()
  377. port; harbor root: labuh (noun)
  378. food 乾糧;糕餅 root: (noun)
  379. Lt. Colonel root: (noun)
  380. slow (speed related) root: (adj)
  381. result 产物,收成,入息,结果 root: (noun)
  382. corpse 屍體 root: kai (noun)
  383. village root: (noun)
  384. sooner or later root: (expression)
  385. past (ie: past exam) root: (verb)
  386. method root: (noun)
  387. needle 針 root: (noun)
  388. cough root: (verb)
  389. dragon root: (noun)
  390. roof 屋頂 root: (noun)
  391. take No. 2 root: (phrase)
  392. base (military) root: (noun)
  393. pumpkin root: (noun)
  394. specific; exclusive root: (adj)
  395. hard work root: (phrase)
  396. timeline root: ka waktu (cpd n)
  397. turn right root: (verb)
  398. highway root: (noun)
  399. education 學習 root: kaji (noun)
  400. go back for good root: ali terus (expression)
  401. to go up root: (verb)
  402. disaster root: (noun)
  403. pole root: (noun)
  404. bicycle root: (noun)
  405. small village root: (noun)
  406. to go through; through root: lalu (verb)
  407. sticky root: (adj)
  408. race root: lumba (noun)
  409. submarine root: selam (noun)
  410. relieved 安心 root: (adj)
  411. bullet root: (noun)
  412. life 生命 root: (noun)
  413. demand; request root: minta (noun)
  414. knowledge root: (noun)
  415. soul root: (noun)
  416. to graduate; to receive a degree root: apat ijazah (phrase)
  417. tumor root: tumbuh (noun)
  418. naughty root: (adj)
  419. modify; renovate root: ubah (verb)
  420. believe in (muslim) God root: iman (adj)
  421. paint root: (noun)
  422. claim root: dakwa (noun)
  423. branch (tree) root: (noun)
  424. minister root: eri (noun)
  425. restless root: (adj)
  426. decoration root: (noun)
  427. to enrich root: kaya (verb)
  428. adult; grown-ups root: (noun)
  429. to go root: (verb)
  430. kerosine root: minyak (noun)
  431. black root: (adj)
  432. burden root: (noun)
  433. a saw root: (noun)
  434. change (in currency); balance root: (noun)
  435. tomorrow root: (noun)
  436. to recommend; suggest root: cadang (verb)
  437. library root: ustakaan (noun)
  438. public root: (noun)
  439. hug root: (verb)
  440. suffering root: derita (noun)
  441. duck root: (noun)
  442. 太過分 root: (expression)
  443. guess root: teka (verb)
  444. book root: (noun)
  445. fixed price 口不二价 root: (phrase)
  446. salt root: (noun)
  447. must; have to root: ()
  448. talk root: (verb)
  449. limited root: (adj)
  450. curfew root: (noun)
  451. suffocated; drown root: (noun)
  452. left behind root: tinggal (verb)
  453. pour 把....倒進 root: tuang (verb)
  454. useful root: (adj)
  455. take; bring root: (verb)
  456. student root: jar (noun)
  457. collides; breaks/violate (the rule) root: langgar (verb)
  458. response root: balas (noun)
  459. fence root: (noun)
  460. lava root: (noun)
  461. to take (transportation) root: naik (verb)
  462. vision root: lihat (noun)
  463. catalog root: (noun)
  464. remember (ancestors) root: eringati (verb)
  465. lieutenant (1st or 2nd) root: (noun)
  466. while; when; whereas root: (preposition)
  467. poisoning root: racun (adj)
  468. pot root: (noun)
  469. thirsty 口渴 root: (adj)
  470. word root: (noun)
  471. just recently root: (phrase)
  472. sinful root: dosa (adj)
  473. served root: (verb)
  474. lifestyle root: (noun)
  475. attract; pull root: tarik (verb)
  476. hard 硬 root: (adj)
  477. aspect (问题、事物等)方面 root: (noun)
  478. security root: selamat (noun)
  479. against root: tendang (verb)
  480. paralyze root: (adj)
  481. committed suicide root: (phrase)
  482. to make; do root: (verb)
  483. cost root: (noun)
  484. to clean root: bersih (verb)
  485. shiny root: sinar (adj)
  486. update root: kini (verb)
  487. sour root: (adj)
  488. armpit root: (noun)
  489. impressed root: (adj)
  490. alphabet root: (noun)
  491. flaky; in pieces 一片片的 root: keping (adj)
  492. crap (bawl movement) root: (noun)
  493. doing the "verb" to something/someone root: (rule)
  494. want more root: (phrase)
  495. young root: (adj)
  496. funny 诙谐,滑稽的 root: kar (adj)
  497. bear root: (noun)
  498. peace root: (noun)
  499. lately root: lakangan ini (expression)
  500. definitely root: (adj)
  501. seed root: (noun)
  502. waiter root: layan (noun)
  503. real property root: (noun)
  504. ruler root: baris (noun)
  505. aware; realize 觉悟,领悟,意识到 root: sedar (verb)
  506. all root: ()
  507. flavor root: (noun)
  508. male (for animal/plants) root: (noun)
  509. late; someone who passed away (for Muslim) root: (adj)
  510. temple root: (noun)
  511. to suspect root: syak (verb)
  512. pushed root: tolak (verb)
  513. to develop root: kembang (verb)
  514. crow root: (noun)
  515. to yield 產生 root: alah (verb)
  516. to plant root: tanam (verb)
  517. layer root: lapis (noun)
  518. coat root: (noun)
  519. weather root: (noun)
  520. nearest root: hampir (adj)
  521. found out root: (phrase)
  522. trip; journey root: jalan (noun)
  523. matter; thing root: (noun)
  524. bet root: taruh (verb)
  525. newspaper root: (noun)
  526. important root: (adj)
  527. has done "verb" root: ah + "verb" (rule)
  528. things; case; matter (non-tengible) root: (noun)
  529. stock market root: (noun)
  530. prison root: (noun)
  531. mixed; add in root: (verb)
  532. inflation 通貨膨脹 root: (noun)
  533. to act root: lakon (verb)
  534. to ask for root: (verb)
  535. forehead root: (noun)
  536. website; yard; compound root: (noun)
  537. unless root: (conjunction)
  538. embassador root: (noun)
  539. championship root: juara (noun)
  540. to study; learn root: (verb)
  541. why root: ()
  542. piracy 盜版 root: (noun)
  543. developing country root: (noun)
  544. pickle root: (verb)
  545. production 生产,制作 root: keluar (noun)
  546. record (on writing); note down; jot down 記錄 root: (verb)
  547. organize (files; documents) root: (verb)
  548. street root: (noun)
  549. preposition "to" a place root: (verb)
  550. what root: ()
  551. fitness root: cergas (noun)
  552. to work root: (verb)
  553. suspect (man) root: (noun)
  554. fork root: (noun)
  555. fire extinguisher root: padam (noun)
  556. to remind root: (verb)
  557. to see root: (verb)
  558. to marry root: kahwin (verb)
  559. different than root: (phrase)
  560. collision root: (noun)
  561. when (beginning of sentence) root: ()
  562. confirm root: tetap (verb)
  563. delay root: lengah (noun)
  564. box root: (noun)
  565. porch root: (noun)
  566. thirsty root: (adj)
  567. honey root: (noun)
  568. cut; laceration; blister root: (noun)
  569. desserted 冷落的,稀疏的 root: (adj)
  570. line (drawn line) 線 root: (noun)
  571. is dangerous root: bahaya (adj)
  572. to hold root: pegang (verb)
  573. to view; to look root: pandang (verb)
  574. lungs root: (noun)
  575. in-law (for parents) root: (adverb)
  576. to turn root: (verb)
  577. any time root: (phrase)
  578. so that root: ()
  579. bamboo root: (noun)
  580. second root: (adj)
  581. dangerous root: bahaya (adj)
  582. divide root: (verb)
  583. to fight (could be physical or verbal) root: (verb)
  584. heart root: (noun)
  585. except root: (adverb)
  586. employer root: (noun)
  587. mayor root: (noun)
  588. full (for measurable matters) root: (adj)
  589. stitch root: jahit (noun)
  590. prostitute root: cur (noun)
  591. grandfather; a title for men awarded by state root: (noun)
  592. advanced; sophisticated 现代化;先进的 root: (adj)
  593. watch; to see root: (verb)
  594. paralysing; disabling root: lumpuh (verb)
  595. key root: (noun)
  596. opportunity root: (noun)
  597. grandparents root: (cpd n)
  598. to return root: (verb)
  599. shirt root: (noun)
  600. criticize root: kecam (verb)
  601. previously worked as root: (phrase)
  602. very beautiful 美若天仙 root: (expression)
  603. ingredient root: (noun)
  604. biological mother root: ibu (noun)
  605. appear 浮現 root: (verb)
  606. sunglasses root: (cpd n)
  607. update(s) root: (noun)
  608. to shake 動搖 root: gugat (verb)
  609. analynist root: analisis (noun)
  610. clean up; packing; root: kemas (verb)
  611. peaceful root: amaikan (adj)
  612. scale root: timbang (noun)
  613. billboard; signage root: (cpd n)
  614. prepare for.... root: sedia (verb)
  615. coconut root: (noun)
  616. thick (for hair); heavy (for rain, snow) root: (adj)
  617. diligently root: (adverb)
  618. airport root: (cpd n)
  619. fireworks root: (noun)
  620. fresh water root: (noun)
  621. dominate; control by power root: kuasa (verb)
  622. thick; concentrated (for liquid) root: (adj)
  623. monkey (one type) root: (noun)
  624. huge root: (adj)
  625. laugh root: (noun)
  626. hostel root: (noun)
  627. prediction root: jangka (noun)
  628. prayer root: (noun)
  629. alcoholic root: gih arak (noun)
  630. free admission/entry root: (cpd n)
  631. reluctance; refusal 拒绝 root: enggan (noun)
  632. to add; to increase root: tambah (verb)
  633. establish root: jalin (verb)
  634. to say a prayer root: doa (verb)
  635. nationalist root: (noun)
  636. receptionist root: ambut tetamu (noun)
  637. that is why root: (phrase)
  638. player root: (noun)
  639. stick to root: lekat (verb)
  640. ship root: (noun)
  641. across the street from the bank root: (phrase)
  642. rice (uncooked) root: (noun)
  643. fat root: (adj)
  644. hurt one's feeling root: (phrase)
  645. set root: tetap (verb)
  646. later; after root: dian (adverb)
  647. raw material root: (noun)
  648. subscription root: langgan (noun)
  649. bunch; band root: (adj)
  650. joking 开玩笑 root: (verb)
  651. blend; turn 转动;碾磨 root: kisar (verb)
  652. diver root: salam (noun)
  653. firm; stress; emphasize root: tegas (verb)
  654. mistake; error root: khilaf (noun)
  655. child root: (noun)
  656. to embrace root: (verb)
  657. bus root: (noun)
  658. volunteer root: sukarela (verb)
  659. in my opinion root: (phrase)
  660. how root: ()
  661. widower (for man) root: (noun)
  662. to cut root: potong (verb)
  663. arm; sleeve root: (noun)
  664. criminals root: enayah (noun)
  665. adjective root: (noun)
  666. four root: (adj)
  667. title 標題 root: gelar (noun)
  668. national root: kebang (adj)
  669. department root: (noun)
  670. chicken broth root: rebus (noun)
  671. to invite root: undang (verb)
  672. Arab root: (noun)
  673. head; chief root: (noun)
  674. following of order root: patuh (noun)
  675. billion root: (noun)
  676. grew up root: besar (verb)
  677. dagger (a Malay weapon) root: (noun)
  678. to analyze root: analisa (verb)
  679. fracture; break (for stick-shaped items) root: (verb)
  680. broad 宽阔的 root: (adj)
  681. have root: punya (verb)
  682. late; someone who passed away (for non-Muslim) root: iang (adj)
  683. or root: (adverb)
  684. pork root: (noun)
  685. argument root: (noun)
  686. like; similar root: (adj)
  687. to be promoted root: (phrase)
  688. final 最後的 root: (adj)
  689. evacuate; save root: selamat (verb)
  690. cockroach root: (noun)
  691. opinion root: pandang (noun)
  692. government root: raja (noun)
  693. why 为什么 root: apa (phrase)
  694. death root: (noun)
  695. language root: (noun)
  696. move root: (verb)
  697. fever root: (noun)
  698. dark root: (adj)
  699. occupation; a "doer" of something root: + noun (rule)
  700. quite root: (adverb)
  701. pound (lb) root: (noun)
  702. dessert root: ucui mulut (noun)
  703. count; think root: (verb)
  704. realtor root: (noun)
  705. to think root: (verb)
  706. recognition; appreciation root: harga (noun)
  707. intention root: (noun)
  708. allowance root: (noun)
  709. rain root: (noun)
  710. driver root: (noun)
  711. to carry root: (verb)
  712. speed root: laju (noun)
  713. education 教育 root: didik (noun)
  714. encourage root: galak (verb)
  715. scene; episode (of a play) root: (noun)
  716. contact lens root: (noun)
  717. ride the ... root: (rule)
  718. face 面对 root: hadap (verb)
  719. damp; humid; slow (in slang) root: (adj)
  720. to avoid root: (verb)
  721. elevator root: (noun)
  722. germ root: (noun)
  723. wide; spacious root: (adj)
  724. to chew root: kunyah (verb)
  725. member root: (noun)
  726. sand root: (noun)
  727. don't; to prohibit root: (noun)
  728. fine; penalty root: (noun)
  729. so root: (adverb)
  730. to fail in root: (verb)
  731. freedom root: bebas (noun)
  732. male root: (noun)
  733. traffic root: (noun)
  734. fund root: (noun)
  735. high blood pressure root: (noun)
  736. custom; tradition root: (noun)
  737. almost + verb root: (rule)
  738. passport root: (noun)
  739. include root: rangkum (verb)
  740. intelligent root: (adj)
  741. million root: (noun)
  742. drug addict root: (noun)
  743. event root: (noun)
  744. singer root: nyanyi (noun)
  745. information root: (noun)
  746. to train; to practice root: latih (verb)
  747. back root: (adj)
  748. red pocket root: (noun)
  749. the lost; disappearance root: hilang (noun)
  750. idea root: (noun)
  751. stir 混合,搅拌 root: kacau (verb)
  752. success root: jaya (noun)
  753. not; to negate a noun root: ()
  754. especially root: (expression)
  755. vocabulary root: (noun)
  756. on time root: (cpd adv)
  757. cold climate 寒带 root: iklim (noun)
  758. quiet root: (adverb)
  759. haven't eat root: (phrase)
  760. intended 有目的 root: tuju (adverb)
  761. cloudy root: (adj)
  762. they; them root: (noun)
  763. to show root: tunjuk (verb)
  764. throw away; dispose root: (verb)
  765. bankruptcy root: (noun)
  766. short-term root: ka pendek (adj)
  767. undergo; underwent; experienced 經歷 root: alam (verb)
  768. succeed root: jaya (verb)
  769. quick; agile 快捷 root: (adj)
  770. give signal root: (verb)
  771. white people; root: saleh (noun)
  772. legend root: (noun)
  773. zero root: (noun)
  774. cup root: (noun)
  775. freeze; frozen root: (adj)
  776. sickness root: sakit (noun)
  777. to visit and interact root: kunjung (verb)
  778. mile; stone root: (noun)
  779. investigator root: siasat (noun)
  780. have grey hair root: uban (adj)
  781. classifier for small, round things root: (rule)
  782. far root: (adj)
  783. reaching; achieve 獲得 root: capai (verb)
  784. how much; how many; how old root: ()
  785. ability 能力,才干 root: mampu (noun)
  786. to peel root: kupas (verb)
  787. ad; advertisement root: (noun)
  788. "verb" for good root: (rule)
  789. change (abstract form) root: ubah (verb)
  790. bald root: (adj)
  791. regarding; about 与......有关 root: kena (adverb)
  792. beach root: (noun)
  793. practice root: (noun)
  794. activity root: giat (noun)
  795. teeth root: (noun)
  796. expansion root: kembang (noun)
  797. clean; wash root: (verb)
  798. awkward root: (adj)
  799. self root: (adj)
  800. couple; pair root: (noun)
  801. moderate climate 温带 root: iklim (noun)
  802. cooperation root: asama (noun)
  803. just drank root: (verb)
  804. gum root: (noun)
  805. to recover root: pulih (verb)
  806. director root: arah (noun)
  807. preposition "in, at" root: (prep)
  808. to detain root: tahan (verb)
  809. postpone root: (verb)
  810. loyalty; devotion root: setia (noun)
  811. tired root: (adj)
  812. various root: bagai (adj)
  813. life 靈魂;生命 root: (noun)
  814. States Department root: (noun)
  815. talented root: (adj)
  816. fish dish root: (noun)
  817. disseminate; spread root: tabur (verb)
  818. draw; paint root: (verb)
  819. lend something to someone root: (verb)
  820. donation 捐款 root: (noun)
  821. normally root: (adverb)
  822. depart; leave (time related) root: (verb)
  823. lose something; lose possession (adj, v) root: (verb)
  824. gender root: (noun)
  825. spleen root: (noun)
  826. to put; to place root: (verb)
  827. rough sea root: (noun)
  828. fast (for movement) root: (adj)
  829. rug; carpet root: (noun)
  830. approach root: dekat (noun)
  831. winner root: menang (noun)
  832. spicy root: (noun)
  833. focus; intention; wish root: (noun)
  834. same-sex marriage root: (cpd n)
  835. team (mainly for sports teams) root: (noun)
  836. greatness (n) root: basar (noun)
  837. to take break; to be on vacation root: (verb)
  838. meaning root: (noun)
  839. hair; fur root: (noun)
  840. salty 咸 root: (adj)
  841. replace root: (verb)
  842. dammit root: (expression)
  843. hosts root: (verb)
  844. bag root: (noun)
  845. fill up gas root: (phrase)
  846. hit (natural disaster) root: (verb)
  847. strong root: (adj)
  848. District Office root: bat Daerah (noun)
  849. love; romance root: cinta (noun)
  850. movie theater root: (noun)
  851. catering root: (noun)
  852. mine 礦 root: (noun)
  853. special root: (adj)
  854. delicious root: (adj)
  855. heat root: (noun)
  856. ankle root: (noun)
  857. proud root: (adj)
  858. accident root: malang (noun)
  859. skin; outer layer root: (noun)
  860. to have family root: (verb)
  861. tropical climate 热带 root: iklim (noun)
  862. travel root: (noun)
  863. congested road root: sesak (phrase)
  864. fasting month root: (noun)
  865. stuffy nose root: (noun)
  866. a type of wedding 婚禮 root: (noun)
  867. earthquake root: (noun)
  868. to use(someone for self advantage) root: alat (verb)
  869. orphan who lost both parents root: (noun)
  870. rate 比率 root: (noun)
  871. inside of ...... root: (phrase)
  872. heat root: panas (noun)
  873. west root: (adverb)
  874. international root: (adj)
  875. columnist root: (noun)
  876. seduce 引誘 root: goda (verb)
  877. invisible root: (adj)
  878. auntie (blood related) root: (cpd n)
  879. end of the room root: (noun)
  880. time root: (noun)
  881. as long as root: (expression)
  882. give aide to the poor root: sedekah (verb)
  883. international relations root: ubungan antarabangsa (noun)
  884. benefit 利益 root: (noun)
  885. to stuff something root: sumbat (verb)
  886. butter 牛油 root: (noun)
  887. luxury root: (adj)
  888. now root: (noun)
  889. to land root: darat (verb)
  890. give good / fruitful result root: (phrase)
  891. washing machine root: ()
  892. scholarship root: (noun)
  893. how about that? 怎样,如何,好吗 root: (phrase)
  894. across the street root: (phrase)
  895. natural gas root: (noun)
  896. private parts root: (noun)
  897. sea level root: (noun)
  898. helper root: bantu (noun)
  899. sea turtle root: (noun)
  900. serious injury root: (noun)
  901. to breed or to bring up root: (verb)
  902. only (use in middle of sentence) root: (adverb)
  903. foster/adopted child root: (noun)
  904. survey; examine carefully root: tinjau (verb)
  905. landmark root: (noun)
  906. cheater; lier root: tipu (noun)
  907. can root: (adverb)
  908. admiral root: (noun)
  909. awkward; odd root: (adj)
  910. punch root: tumbuk (verb)
  911. to lead root: pimpin (verb)
  912. from time to time root: (expression)
  913. good root: (adj)
  914. camera root: (noun)
  915. dynasty root: (noun)
  916. joking 讲笑话,开玩笑 root: (verb)
  917. to tell root: (verb)
  918. to gape root: (verb)
  919. further 延续,延长 root: lanjut (verb)
  920. disease root: sakit (noun)
  921. bracelet 手鐲 root: (noun)
  922. eligible; worthy root: (adj)
  923. vagina root: (noun)
  924. study; research root: kaji (noun)
  925. papaya root: (noun)
  926. retired root: (adj)
  927. classifier for some veg (onion) root: (classifier)
  928. blackmail root: (noun)
  929. implimentation root: laksana (noun)
  930. preposition (to), time related, to a person root: ()
  931. hill root: (noun)
  932. in series root: seri (adj)
  933. to believe in religion of root: agama (verb)
  934. hibiscus (Malaysia National flower) root: (noun)
  935. worry root: (verb)
  936. mosquitoes root: (noun)
  937. auntie (blood related) root: (cpd n)
  938. total root: (noun)
  939. feeling root: rasa (noun)
  940. food root: ()
  941. human; mankind 人類 root: (noun)
  942. culture root: (noun)
  943. glass (such as for window) root: (noun)
  944. Colonel root: (noun)
  945. the view; scenary root: pandang (noun)
  946. happy root: (adj)
  947. surface root: muka (noun)
  948. burnt; scorched root: (adj)
  949. he; she; third person root: (noun)
  950. impregnate root: hamilkan (verb)
  951. awake; guard; care root: (adj)
  952. soft 軟 root: (adj)
  953. icy root: ais (adj)
  954. patience root: sabar (noun)
  955. flat 平的,扁平的 root: (adj)
  956. affect; disturb; interrupt; interfere 打擾 root: (verb)
  957. refund root: (noun)
  958. native; indigenes root: (noun)
  959. to divorce root: cerai (verb)
  960. letter; alphabet root: (noun)
  961. struck by lightning root: (phrase)
  962. the believe root: percaya (noun)
  963. feet; foot; leg root: (noun)
  964. passed away root: (phrase)
  965. degree root: (noun)
  966. afford to 能干的,富裕的 root: (adj)
  967. bad or spoiled (food) 发霉的 root: (adj)
  968. conclusion root: simpul (noun)
  969. among root: kalang ()
  970. different root: beza (adverb)
  971. information root: (noun)
  972. brown color root: (adj)
  973. knee root: (noun)
  974. weight root: (noun)
  975. line up; organize (a function) root: atur (verb)
  976. discuss about root: (verb)
  977. minor injury root: (noun)
  978. flu root: (noun)
  979. full (for food) 饱 root: (adj)
  980. to complain root: adu (verb)
  981. to coordinate root: laras (verb)
  982. inside; preposition "in" root: ()
  983. murderer; killer root: bunuh (noun)
  984. to celebrate (for birthday, etc) root: raya (verb)
  985. faint root: (adj)
  986. grandchild root: (noun)
  987. brake root: (noun)
  988. eyeball root: (noun)
  989. corridor root: dor (noun)
  990. hell root: (noun)
  991. hearing root: dengar (noun)
  992. a graduate root: lepas (noun)
  993. dirty root: (adj)
  994. way; form; style; method root: (adj)
  995. tolerate 容许 root: biar (verb)
  996. print root: (verb)
  997. to wear root: makai (verb)
  998. quality 等级,水准 root: (noun)
  999. curry root: (noun)
  1000. location root: (noun)
  1001. curious root: (adj)
  1002. just did + verb root: (rule)
  1003. stop root: (verb)
  1004. cost of living root: sara hidup (noun)
  1005. hobby root: (noun)
  1006. marble root: (noun)
  1007. acting....(position) root: pangku (noun)
  1008. "do"er of the action root: (rule)
  1009. anywhere root: ()
  1010. lazy root: (adj)
  1011. price root: (noun)
  1012. piece 一块,一片 root: (adj)
  1013. son root: (noun)
  1014. oil field root: (noun)
  1015. tent root: (noun)
  1016. big toe root: (noun)
  1017. to book or reserve 预订,定购 root: tempah (verb)
  1018. building root: (noun)
  1019. announces root: umum (verb)
  1020. to cry root: (verb)
  1021. early root: (adverb)
  1022. reliable root: (adj)
  1023. antidote; remedy 解药 root: tawar (noun)
  1024. intellectual right root: (noun)
  1025. terrorist root: ganas (noun)
  1026. picnic root: kelah (verb)
  1027. was raised root: bangkit (verb)
  1028. smashed root: (adj)
  1029. mother tongue root: (noun)
  1030. inch root: (noun)
  1031. Malay flag 马来西亚国旗名称 root: (noun)
  1032. to recognized; appreciate root: harga (verb)
  1033. pretend (only in spoken language) root: (adj)
  1034. sit quietly root: (phrase)
  1035. dead body (of a Muslim) root: (noun)
  1036. inform root: maklum (verb)
  1037. challenging; to challenge root: cabar (verb)
  1038. background root: (noun)
  1039. visit-visit root: kunjung (cpd n)
  1040. to be angry; mad root: (adj)
  1041. independence root: merdeka (noun)
  1042. souvenir root: eramata (noun)
  1043. chapter root: ()
  1044. fades root: hilang (verb)
  1045. pedal root: (verb)
  1046. ever root: (adverb)
  1047. nausea root: (noun)
  1048. police station root: (noun)
  1049. swimming pool root: (cpd n)
  1050. to shoot root: tembak (verb)
  1051. ago; before root: (adverb)
  1052. roundabout (on the road) root: bulat (noun)
  1053. middle finger root: (noun)
  1054. eye root: (noun)
  1055. scream; shout root: jerit (verb)
  1056. content root: (noun)
  1057. cough root: (noun)
  1058. hour root: (noun)
  1059. development root: bangun (noun)
  1060. next week root: (cpd adv)
  1061. to hit 冲撞,冲击 root: landa (verb)
  1062. spicy root: (adj)
  1063. maybe root: ()
  1064. real; factual 真实的,真正的 root: (adj)
  1065. suffer root: derita (verb)
  1066. married root: (adj)
  1067. mince; chop root: (verb)
  1068. bright (sunlight) root: (adj)
  1069. complaint root: adu (noun)
  1070. a name usually associate with people from Terengganu root: (rule)
  1071. estate; big farm root: (noun)
  1072. animal root: (noun)
  1073. being asked; being commanded root: suruh (verb)
  1074. preposition (at, in), time related root: ()
  1075. noisy root: (adj)
  1076. bridge root: (noun)
  1077. statement root: nyata (noun)
  1078. install; setup root: (verb)
  1079. principal root: (noun)
  1080. confirmed .... root: sah (verb)
  1081. agree 赞成,赞同,同意 root: tuju (verb)
  1082. faith root: (noun)
  1083. intend to root: (verb)
  1084. blackmail root: ras ugut (verb)
  1085. rumor root: (noun)
  1086. normal; regular root: (adj)
  1087. time table; schedule root: (noun)
  1088. translate 翻译 root: terjemah (verb)
  1089. FALSE root: (adj)
  1090. index finger root: (noun)
  1091. news website root: (noun)
  1092. sentence; punishment root: hukum (noun)
  1093. gold root: (noun)
  1094. confused; puzzled root: (adj)
  1095. locates root: ada (verb)
  1096. friend (colloquial) root: (noun)
  1097. square foot root: (cpd n)
  1098. usually refer to Islamic Indians root: (noun)
  1099. where root: ()
  1100. send; to take (as in taking someone to airport) root: (verb)
  1101. match; compete against root: lawan (verb)
  1102. how root: macam (phrase)
  1103. point root: (noun)
  1104. ring finger root: (noun)
  1105. belittled root: (verb)
  1106. walk on foot root: ()
  1107. things, objects root: (noun)
  1108. clever; brilliant 明智的 root: (adj)
  1109. evacuate; move root: pindah (verb)
  1110. sunrise root: hari terbit (noun)
  1111. to move; to shift root: alih (verb)
  1112. son-in-law root: (cpd n)
  1113. personal problem root: (phrase)
  1114. train root: (noun)
  1115. messy root: (adj)
  1116. day root: (noun)
  1117. convenience root: mudah (noun)
  1118. mistake root: silap (noun)
  1119. ride (car, boat) root: tumpang (verb)
  1120. build root: bina (verb)
  1121. improve root: tingkat (verb)
  1122. principle; firm believe root: pegang (noun)
  1123. in between root: (adverb)
  1124. take No. 1 root: (phrase)
  1125. dining table root: (noun)
  1126. garage root: (noun)
  1127. southwest root: (adverb)
  1128. back root: (noun)
  1129. to subscribe root: langgan (verb)
  1130. to threaten root: ugut (verb)