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  1. Sheenicchoh?I am tired/worn out.


  2. Sheenam illaI'm not tired


  3. How's it going?Enginnay oondu?


  4. Fine/comfort - are you?Sukham ah


  5. Literally: Fine don't have. Practically: Not well, sick.Thannuppu anno?


  6. Just fine. Thannay literally means "alone" or "just"Sukham thannay


  7. Chooddu-ah.Is it/Are you hot?


  8. Chooddu alla
    Chooddu illa
    It is not/I am not hot.


  9. Chooddu anno?Is it/Are you hot?


  10. Literally: Cold is it/are youSukham-aano?


  11. Ennikk thannuppu ahI am cold


  12. Ennikk chooddu ahI am hot


  13. SheenicchooAre you tired/worn out?


  14. Literally: What all is there/do you have. Practically: What's happening/been going on?Sukham illa


  15. I am fine/comfortableSukham-aano?


  16. Ennikk sheenam ahI am tired