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  • Nominative Case

    The nominative noun denotes the subject of the sentence. As an agent or experiencer

    Accusative Case

    Accusative marks the direct object of the sentence. Semantic role as a victim or patient. The accusative suffix is mandatory when the agent is inanimate and the patient animate, and when both are inanimate.

    Dative Case

    Dative is either as subject or indirect object. Semantic role is as an experiencer or recipient. for the expression of wants, wishes and desires, likes and dislikes

    Addressive Case

    Addressive is marked as an object. Semantic role is that of recipient of address or communication. Or the passive recipient or passive participant of action.

    Locative Case

    Represents physical or abstract locations meaning 'in', 'at' or 'to'

    Possessive Case

    Marks possession or owner ship.

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