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  1. back
  2. in Marsalforn there is yellow sand and burning sun
  3. forgetful

    she was forgetful
  4. What! Is the food not yet ready?
  5. deserving, fitting, suitable, just, right
  6. she gave him the book

    he gave him it (m)

    she gave him it (f)
  7. I will be there tomorrow

    I would like to go to Gozo
  8. to tire , take the head of

    this loud music is doing my head in
  9. because of that she had to go out again
  10. to testify
  11. sweeter (flavour)
  12. she opened the door (small) of her car

    she got in
  13. to wipe
  14. to forget
  15. 1. her ear

    2. her ear, her two ears, her ears
  16. to receive, welcome
  17. to forgive, pardon

    I forgive you

    he forgives her

    they give her
  18. she washed her face

    she dressed quickly
  19. side
  20. that you can't buy
  21. to dance
  22. to hide
  23. ...
  24. to go down
  25. it's too late now

    taxi is expensive
  26. to live
  28. to snore
  29. ...
  30. nobody said anything

    a little expensive the taxi, but better you do that
  31. necklace
  32. my father's will take me to the airport at 6pm
  33. maid, servant
  34. it leaves (f) for Cirkewwa from Valletta

    it arrives in Cirkewwa
  35. to sweep

    a new broom sweeps clean
  36. to fly
  37. to cause to fly, to explode
  38. coast road
  39. weather forecasting
  40. to paint
  41. to forget

  42. she went in her car

    so she decided to go to Sliema
  43. ...
  44. what was that man's name?
  45. how do you get to Comino from Ċirkewwa?

    by boat. You will have to rent a boat
  46. Today I'm shattered
  47. to give back, return
  48. for information

    what should I do?
  49. lizard
  50. to guess
  51. I give them to you
  52. top, summit, peak
  53. request, prayer, petition
  54. ...
  55. to get punishment, fine, suffer from
  56. what were they doing?
  57. she asked her
  58. to fight
  59. whose turn is it?

    to touch
    idiomatic - pilfer, steal, tamper
  60. to come near, to approach

    to suck

    to lift

    to return, repeat, do again, come back
  61. to fight
  62. expensive (only).


  63. and thereafter