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  1. she took to him
  2. I bought them for you
  3. we drank it (f) for them
  4. I told:

    you (plur)
  5. they ate them for you
  6. he takes to us
  7. ħadlek
  8. she frees you

    I freed you

    you freed me
  9. she separates you pl.

    she took me out
  10. we didn't open it for him
  11. she opened it (m) for him
  12. she took out for them
  13. he took to us
  14. I wrote them for you
  15. I write them for you
  16. we broke it (f) for him
  17. ħadulha
  18. he opened it

    he took him
  19. I don't write for him
  20. he infuriated me

    he leaves you
    he leaves him

    she frees you
    she frees him
  21. they took me

    he took them

    she took it (m)

    I take you / we take you (sing.)
  22. she wrote to her
  23. he freed him

    they freed them

    he opens it (m)

    he takes him
  24. we wrote it (f) for her
  25. we opened it (f) for him
  26. she wrote it (f) for him
  27. we didn't drink it for them
  28. we opened it (f) for him
  29. he bought for me
  30. we took to you
  31. he bought for them
  32. we didn't write it (f) for her
  33. she attaches it (m)

    he surpasses you

    he gave her
  34. they take to us