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  1. we washed them for you
  2. peach colour
  3. did she do your hair for you?

    yes, she did it for me
  4. open the window

    open it
  5. come inside

    come out (pl) of the bathroom
  6. ill
  7. snake

  8. did he open the letter for her?

    yes, he opened it for me
  9. sauce
  10. special comparative
    v KKvK

    għoli & għali
    ħelu (flavour)
    ħelu (cute)
  11. to leave, go out, abandon, leave off
  12. to become cheap, fall in price
  13. wash his face

    wash it for him
  14. difference or gap - formal - voting usual

    I feel the detachment
  15. to feel, touch

    he touched me on my shoulder
  16. field
  17. in us
  18. to agree, accord suit

    they couldn't agree
  19. wash Paul's face

    wash it for him
  20. necklace
  21. Did she put the shoes on for you? (pair)

    Yes, she put them on for me
  22. this fish is bony
  23. without writing (2)
    3rd pers. masc. sing
  24. to reap, mow, harvest, crop
    to startle

    to take the life of

    the farmer harvested the corn

    the murder which startled the country
  25. although
  26. he gave it (m) to you

    give them to us
  27. imperative
    to be

    to eat

    to go
  28. to stick, fix to, unite, join together
  29. learned, wise
  30. To be - negative

    copular noun which behaves like a verb
  31. nightmare
  32. to pray, to ask, require
  33. to give rest to

    rest assured, don't worry
  34. famous, called, well-known, mentioned
  35. special comparative
    v KKvK

  36. bachelor
  37. wipe your face

    wipe it for her
  38. to choose

  39. to succeed

  40. trouble, worries
  41. to snatch, rest

    he snatched the opportunity to go
  42. Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul
  43. people from Birgu
  44. sit there
    attn. not stay
  45. father-, mother-in-law
  46. week

    two weeks
  47. to mix, stir, confound

    you (pl) have mixed up all these picutres
  48. close it (m)
  49. on purpose
  50. wonder, awe OR fusspot


    to surprise, astonish

    to be surprised
  51. to take away, remove
  52. fem nouns ending in consonant (12)
  53. shoulder
  54. earrings
  55. a man and a woman
    a certain man and a certain woman

    one man & one woman
  56. he's bigger than me in size / height
  57. put on (pl) your shoes

    we put them on
  58. fireworks
  59. it suits you
  60. side

    on the side
  61. dear
  62. You are crazy!
  63. flight
  64. everything he says

    every person
  65. to swear, take an oath

    Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to answer with an iron fist
  66. since the beginning of the year

    till the beginning
  67. What does the mother tell the children?
  68. division, partition, sharing, dividing
  69. to say prayers
  70. tempting
  71. to lift up, raise, elevate
  72. to worry
  73. 300

  74. needle, broach

  75. to collide with, bump into

  76. at the square
  77. to wipe
  78. feather
  79. to give hope, to flatter with hopes
  80. to elect, choose, appoint, select

    they elected a new president
  81. some say one thing, and some say another
  82. fence, hedge
  83. to match
  84. stamp

    picture, image
  85. crowd (2)
  86. to meet
  87. skin
    my skin burnt
    skin colour

    (of) leather
    leather shoes
  88. mud, sludge, slush


    masc nouns ending in A 6)
  89. special comparative
    v KKvK

    ħażin (2)
    tajjeb (2)
  90. he gave Me a book

    what did he give You?
  91. he washed it for you
  92. in front of tv
  93. pig (animal - 2)


    insult - pig (eats a lot)

    insult - pig (dirty)
  94. to wash
  95. he washed my face

    he washed it for me
  96. undercooked
  97. to return, repeat, do again, come back

    to approach, come near

    to suck

    to lift
  98. to fly
  99. did he give you the books?

    yes, he gave them to me
  100. more intelligent (3)

    special comparative
    v KKvK
  101. to complain