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  1. he never came back home
  2. to batter
  3. stick, bark, trunk of tree
  4. come here
    go outside
    come inside

    in the future
    from now onwards
  5. to be solidify, freeze
    to be curled, congealed
  6. to run away, disappear clandestinely
  7. to cut lengthwise, dissect, anatomise

    he cut the fish lengthwise before cooking it
  8. to burn

    burning, fire
  9. artichoke
  10. executioner
  11. at the wedding
  12. to push, squeeze (hard objects)

    the driver pressed the brakes

    to stress a point, put pressure (idiomatic)

    Pope Francis stressed a lot on the ......
  13. to pull out
  14. to stress, insist, be persistant
  15. to destroy
  16. to deny
  17. to squeeze soft things, press juice
  18. to burn
  19. poor thing, she broke her fingers, three of them, from her left hand (2)
  20. finger (2)

    fingers - three fingers
  21. even worse (2)
  22. to flood, deluge

    flooding, floods
  23. poultry, fowl
  24. ditch

    Mdina's ditch
  25. friend
  26. declaration, confession, statement
  27. size

    what's the size of this?
    what's the size of this table?
  28. smoke
  29. his nose
  30. to snatch, to seize, ABDUCT

    he snatched the opportunity to go

    while he was drunk, he grabbed a constable by his throat
  31. his left ear
  32. so slowly
  33. that day in the morning
  34. bonfire, aflame
  35. screen
  36. jellyfish
  37. his mind on
  38. with the new scissors
  39. to move, toss
  40. with (2)
  41. to lead, guide

    leader, guide
  42. to take
  43. she's in hospital
  44. totally

    he completely surprised the goalkeeper
  45. to sneeze
  46. it's a slow process

    (it's a process which passes slowly)
  47. she bought me (for me)
  48. to dig, hoe, till
  49. partner
  50. to start a fire
  51. to be presented

    he was presented before the magistrate
  52. far away
  53. to spit (2)

    spit, spittle
  54. he doesn't take care of his health (2)
  55. until he comes (function word) (2)

    it's been a while since

    - I've written a letter

    I've been writing a letter for a long time
  56. that day in the morning

    in the morning, that morning
  57. nobody and nothing arrives late, neither the trains nor the trams
  58. to sink
  59. already
  60. to celebrate, rejoice

    while congratulating these new recruits
  61. to escape, run away, fly away
  62. we were seated when he entered
  63. spider
  64. tomorrow evening it's going to thunder and lightening
  65. your size
  66. after the fight, his left ear was like a cauliflower
  67. Unique verbs

    to approach
    the night is approaching

    to do again, repeat, come back, return
  68. sometimes
  69. to freeze, solidify

    the ice-cream solidified in the freezer
  70. what did you tell her?
  71. ham
  72. breasts (2)

    chicken breast
  73. madness

  74. cell
  75. to choke
  76. to know, recognise, identify
  77. warehouse, store
  78. to get jealous

    she got jealous every time
  79. my thought
  80. ear

    his ear
    her ear
    his ear; his two ears; his ears

    my ear
  81. because of, for
  82. every morning and evening
  83. last Friday

    last week

    next Tuesday

    next month

    next week
  84. he was sad because his wife was ill
  85. to answer
  86. to fight, quarrel
  87. to cough

    cough (n)
  88. pit, hole
  89. from English into Maltese
  90. here in Switzerland
  91. to surprise, shock, startle (harvest)

    the child shocked his mother when he ran into the street

  92. to wonder, roam
  93. dress
  94. around the corner
  95. to tickle
  96. bone
  97. to beat, hit, strike, flog, lash
  98. corner
  99. the street on the left (left as adj & noun)

    on the right
  100. to bury, inter

  101. nail