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  • Rickshaw Khali Ahe ka?

    Empty is it?

    Rickshaw wala

    rickshaw driver

    ho ho

    yes yes

    nai nai

    no no



    he kay ahe?

    what is this?



    BLANK chaney

    BLANK is good (spoken)

    BLANK chan ahe

    BLANK is good (written)


    is not

    khup chan

    very good

    mala BLANK nako

    to me BLANK is not wanted

    mala BLANK paije

    to me BLANK is wanted


    who are you



    ithe ujwikade vala

    here to the right

    Saral ja

    straight ahead go

    nahi, meetar paije!

    no, start the meter

    ho, ho. kuthe jaychay?

    where you want to go?

    ithe davikade vala

    here to the left

    bas bas, ithe thamba

    enough here, stop

    kiti paise zale?

    how much money has happened?


    to eat


    to do/ make

    kay mhanta

    how are you?

    theek ahe

    i'm good

    bar bar

    ok ok


    *said when happy

    aai ga!

    mother, extreme happiness

    bap re!


    BLANK manje kay?

    BLANK means what?

    mala mhait nai

    to me known is not

    mala mhait ahe

    I know

    mala marathi yet nai

    I don't know marathi

    nako za za!

    please go away

    Gokhale Nagarla jayachay

    I want to go to Gokhale Nagar

    mi jato/ mi jate

    1st person (m)/(f) to go

    amhi jato

    1st person plural to go

    tu jatos/tu jates

    2nd person (m)/(f) to go

    tumhi jata

    2nd person plural to go

    to jato/ti jate/te jata

    3rd person(m)/(f)/(n) to go

    te jatat/tya jatat/ti jate

    3rd person (m)/(f)/(n)plural to go


    to speak


    to watch


    to give


    to come


    to wash


    to drink

    mi bolat nahi

    1st person to not speak

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