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  1. bas bas, ithe thambaI know


  2. nahi, meetar paije!to me BLANK is wanted


  3. karto do/ make


  4. aai ga!mother, extreme happiness


  5. suprabhatgoodmorning


  6. kiti paise zale?what is this?


  7. tumhii am


  8. mi jato/ mi jate1st person (m)/(f) to go


  9. aii am


  10. BLANK chaneyBLANK is good (spoken)


  11. khahome


  12. mala mhait naiI know


  13. bar barok ok


  14. to jato/ti jate/te jata3rd person(m)/(f)/(n) to go


  15. tu jatos/tu jates1st person (m)/(f) to go


  16. yeto come


  17. tumhi jata2nd person plural to go


  18. BLANK chan aheBLANK is good (written)


  19. ho, ho. kuthe jaychay?I want to go to Gokhale Nagar


  20. gharhome


  21. naimom


  22. achhato eat


  23. dhuto eat


  24. BLANK manje kay?BLANK means what?


  25. khup chanvery good


  26. ho hois


  27. Rickshaw walarickshaw driver


  28. mala marathi yet naito me known is not


  29. pito drink


  30. mito drink


  31. mala BLANK nakoto me BLANK is not wanted


  32. ......


  33. Gokhale Nagarla jayachayI want to go to Gokhale Nagar


  34. baghto watch


  35. mi bolat nahito me known is not


  36. ithe davikade valahere to the left


  37. te jatat/tya jatat/ti jate3rd person(m)/(f)/(n) to go


  38. nai naimother, extreme happiness


  39. babafather


  40. mala mhait aheto me known is not


  41. bap re!mother, extreme happiness


  42. he kay ahe?i'm good


  43. kay mhantavery good


  44. amhi jato2nd person plural to go


  45. theek ahei'm good


  46. Saral jastraight ahead go


  47. arevvagoodbye


  48. aheto come


  49. deto come


  50. Rickshaw Khali Ahe ka?rickshaw driver


  51. ithe ujwikade valahere to the right


  52. mala BLANK paijeI know


  53. bolto come


  54. nako za za!no no