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  1. Hello everyone or Goodbye Everyone
  2. I'm doing fantastic!
    (it-good-est) = (it is the best)
  3. I'm doing great
  4. I'm fine
  5. No problem
    (there is no/problem)
  6. Hello or Goodbye
  7. see, find
  8. Hello or Goodby (to more than one person)
    (love/you (plural))
  9. You're forgiven
    (it-thrown away/your/mistake)
  10. No problem
    (there is no/problem)
  11. You're welcome
  12. all, every, everthing, everybody
  13. Thank you very much
  14. See you later (to one person only)
    (again/see/you (singular))
  15. No thank you
  16. I'm doing horribly
  17. You're forgiven
    (it-thrown away)
  18. I'm so-so
  19. Hello, Goodbye, Love
  20. Yes
  21. See you later (to more than one person)
    (again/see/you (plural))
  22. good
  23. Don't worry about it
  24. How are you?
  25. very, really, absolutely, totally
    (Ex.: Elukkun e,m,man = It is really good!)
  26. What's your name?
  27. No thank you
    (you-thanked/but/I-PRESENT/not take offer)
  28. I'm sorry or Excuse me
    (throw away/mistake)
  29. Thank you
  30. How about you?
    (what about/you)
  31. My name is ______
  32. tasty, tastes good, delicious, edible
  33. How are you?
    (it-PRESENT/do what?/life)
  34. Good morning
    (from english)
  35. You're welcome
  36. No
  37. Hello
  38. Hello or Goodbye (to one person only)
    (love/you (singular))
  39. Good night
    (from English)
  40. bad, inedible
  41. I'm not doing so well
  42. That's okay
  43. Good evening
  44. Good afternoon
  45. I'm sorry or Excuse me
    (throw away/my/mistake)