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  1. Ruo awa jimattan2:00


  2. Ruo awaWhat time is it?


  3. Jiljino taḷa lemñoul jāānFifty cents


  4. ____ aō iiōHow old are you?


  5. Lemñoul jāānHow much does it cost?


  6. Jete awa ippaṃ?What time do you have?12


  7. Jete wōṇān ____ ?How much does it cost?


  8. Jete aṃ iiō?How old are you?


  9. Jete wōṇān?How much does it cost?


  10. Jiljino taḷa2:00


  11. Jete awa kiiō?How old are you?


  12. Joñoul minit jān ralitōk awaTen to eight


  13. Ruo awa joñoul minit2:10


  14. Joñoul minit ñan ralitōk awaTen to eight


  15. Jete awa?What time is it?