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  • Ma rokê

    I stopped

    Timi rokyau

    You stopped

    U rokyo

    He stopped

    Tyesle rokyo

    It stopped

    Uni roki

    She stopped

    Haami rokyaû

    We stopped

    Tiniharu roke

    They stopped

    Tapaai roknu bhayo

    You stopped (respect)

    Ma rokchhu

    I stop

    Timi rokchhau

    You stop

    U rokchha

    He stops

    Tyesle rokchha

    It stops

    Uni rokchhin

    She stops

    Haami rokchhaû

    We stop

    Tiniharu rokchhan

    They stop

    Tapaai roknu hunchha

    You stop (respect)

    Ma roknechhu

    I will stop

    Timi roknechhau

    You will stop

    U roknechha

    He will stop

    Tyesle roknechha

    It will stop

    Uni ronkechhin

    She will stop

    Haami roknechhaû

    We will stop

    Tiniharu roknechhan

    They will stop

    Tapaai roknu hunechha

    You will stop (respect)

    Ma rokinâ

    I did not stop

    Timi rokenau

    You did not stop

    U rokena

    He did not stop

    Tyesle rokena

    It did not stop

    Uni rokina

    She did not stop

    Haami rokenaû

    We did not stop

    Tiniharu rokenan

    They did not stop

    Tapaai roknu bhaena

    You did not stop (respect)

    Ma rokdinâ

    I do not stop

    Timi rokdainau

    You do not stop

    U rokdaina

    He does not stop

    Tyesle rokdaina

    It does not stop

    Uni rokdina

    She does not stop

    Haami rokdainaû

    We do not stop

    Tiniharu rokdainan

    They do not stop

    Tapaai roknu hudaina

    You do not stop (respect)

    Ma roknechhaina

    I will not stop

    Timi roknechhainau

    You will not stop

    U roknechhaina

    He will not stop

    Tyesle roknechhaina

    It will not stop

    Uni roknechhaina

    She will not stop

    Haami roknechhainaû

    We will not stop

    Tiniharu roknechhainan

    They will not stop

    Tapaai roknu hune chhaina

    You will not stop (respect)

    ma rokdai thiê

    I was stoppimg

    Timi rokdai thiyau

    You were stopping

    U rokdai thiyo

    He was stopping

    Tyesle rokdai thiyo

    It was stopping

    Uni rokdai thii

    She was stopping

    Haami rokdai thiyaû

    We were stopping

    Tiniharu rokdai thie

    They were stopping

    Tapaai roknuhudai thiyo

    You were stopping (respect)

    Ma rokdai chhu

    I am stopping

    Timi rokdai chhau

    You are stopping

    U rokdai chha

    He is stopping

    Uni rokdai chhin

    She is stopping

    Haami rokdai chhaû

    We are stopping

    Tiniharu rokdai chhan

    They are stopping

    Tapaai rokdai hunuhunchha

    You are stopping (respect)

    Ma rokdai hunechhu

    I will be stopping

    Timi rokdai hunechhau

    You will be stopping

    U rokdai hunechha

    He will be stopping

    Uni rokdai hunechhin

    She will be stopping

    Haami rokdai hunechhaû

    We will be stopping

    Tiniharu rokdai hunechhan

    They will be stopping

    Tapaai rokdai hunuhunechha

    You will be stopping (respect)

    Ma rokdai thienâ

    I was not stopping

    Timi rokdai thienau

    You were not stopping

    U rokdai thiena

    He was not stopping

    Uni rokdai thiinan

    She was not stopping

    Haami rokdai thienan

    We were not stopping

    Tapaai roknu hûdai thiena

    You were not stopping (respect)

    Ma rokdai chhainâ

    I am not stopping

    Timi rokdai chhainau

    You are not stopping

    U rokdai chhaina

    He is not stopping

    Uni rokdai chhainin

    She is not stopping

    Haami rokdai chainaû

    We are not stopping

    Tiniharu rokdai chhainan

    They are not stopping

    Tapaai rokdai hudai chhaina

    You are not stopping (respect)

    Ma rokdai hunechhainâ

    I will not be stopping

    Timi rokdai hunechhainau

    You will not be stopping

    U rokdai hune chhaina

    He will not be stopping

    Uni rokdai hune chhainin

    She will not be stopping

    Haami rokdai hune chhainaû

    We will not be stopping

    Tiniharu rokdai hune

    They will not be stopping

    Tapaai rokdai hunuhunechhaina

    You will not be stopping (respect)

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