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  • a- apple

    aa- hat

    e- energy

    ii- Wii

    ei- mean

    ei- mean

    ai- mate

    i- history

    o- home

    oi- moisture

    oii- oyster

    uu- noon

    ou- mouse

    u- ultimate

    b- basket

    bha- Bo[b Ha]nsen

    ca- California

    chha- Ri[ch Ha]nsen

    da- Dalila

    dha- Edwar[d Ha]nsen

    fa- fast

    fi- Finland

    ga- galaxy

    gha- Ghana

    ghi- Ghistapo

    ha- hand

    ja- Jakarta

    jha- Jhahan

    ka- Kashmir

    kha- Khan

    khi- blacstory

    l- love

    li- link

    li- military

    lii- Lima

    lii- Bradley

    ma- man

    na- Namibia

    n'a- Sta[n A]lan

    nia- Niagara

    nae- Nigeria

    ni- Nicaragua

    oms- T[om's] book

    pa- Panama

    qi- king

    ra- rank

    ri- ring

    ri- risk

    ri- Brie

    sa- Sam

    sha- Shanghai

    shha- wa[sh ha]nd

    ta- Tamara

    t'a- Ma[tt A]lan

    tha- Thailand

    tha- Thailand

    t'ha- Thailand

    thha- Kei[th Ha]nsen

    ugdha- dr[ug do]wn

    ugdhha- h[ugged ha]nd

    va- vast

    ya- yard

    yi- year

    za- Zambia

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