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  • saachai ho?

    Really? Is it true?

    yo galat ho

    This is wrong.

    jaane belaa bhayo

    It's time to go.

    ekchhin parkhanus

    Please wait awhile.

    maile jaanu parchha.

    I have to go.

    ma haraae.

    I got lost.

    aaunu bhaekomaa dhanyabaad.

    Thank you for coming.

    batti aayo

    The light is on/came.

    batti gayo.

    The light is off/went.

    bhusukai birse.

    Completely forgot.

    aber nagarnus, hai?

    Don't be late, ok?

    wahaalaai chinnuhunchha?

    Do you know her/him?


    Dont be angry.

    malaai hataar chha.

    I am in a hurry.

    pakkaa ho?



    Never mind.

    klass siddhiyo.

    Class is finished/over.

    sab Thik chha?

    Is everything okay?

    ma chhakka pare.

    I was amazed.

    swaagat chha.


    samasyaa chhaina.

    No problem.

    tapaa~ilaai kasto chha?

    How are you?

    mero bichaarmaa

    In my opinion/I think



    kehi chhaina.

    It doesn't matter/it's okay.

    maile birse.

    I forgot.

    maile samje.

    I remember.

    ke garne?

    What to do?

    ek chhin.

    Just a minute.

    ek chhin parkhanus.

    Please wait a minute.

    jaanchhu hai

    Goodbye (I am leaving now/ I am going)


    Don't forget.

    dhanya bhagwaan!

    Thank God!

    gaarho chha

    That's difficult/hard.

    nepaalimaa kasari bhanne "map"?

    How do you say "map" in Nepali?

    raamrosanga jaanus

    Go well./Go with care.

    ma bharkhar aae

    I just came -arrived.

    chhiTo niko hunus

    Get well soon.

    bichaar garnus

    Think about it.

    baaTo chhoDnus

    Get out of the way.

    pokharaa kasto laagyo?

    How did you like Pokhara?

    ma bishwaas gardina

    I don't believe it.

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