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  1. Timi rokdai thiyauYou were not stopping


  2. U rokdai chhainaHe is not stopping


  3. Timi roknechhauYou will stop


  4. Timi rokdai chhainauYou are not stopping


  5. Haami rokdai chainaûWe are not stopping


  6. Timi rokdai thienauWe were not stopping


  7. U rokenaHe stops


  8. Tapaai rokdai hunuhunchhaYou are stopping (respect)


  9. Tyesle rokenaIt stops


  10. Haami rokdainaûWe stopped


  11. Timi rokenauYou did not stop


  12. Tiniharu roknechhainanThey are not stopping


  13. Ma rokinâI did not stop


  14. Tapaai roknu bhaenaYou did not stop (respect)


  15. Tiniharu rokdai chhanThey are stopping


  16. U rokchhaHe stops


  17. Tyesle rokdai thiyoIt was stopping


  18. Uni rokiShe did not stop


  19. Timi rokdai chhauYou were stopping


  20. Haami rokdai hune chhainaûWe will not be stopping


  21. Timi rokyauYou stop


  22. U rokdai thienaHe was not stopping


  23. Ma rokdai hunechhuI will be stopping


  24. Uni rokdai thiinanShe was not stopping


  25. Tiniharu rokdai chhainanThey were stopping


  26. Tiniharu rokdai thieThey were stopping


  27. Tiniharu rokenanThey stop


  28. Ma roknechhainaHe will not stop


  29. Ma rokdai chhainâI will not be stopping


  30. Ma rokdai chhuI am stopping


  31. Haami rokenaûWe will stop


  32. U rokdainaHe did not stop


  33. Uni roknechhainaShe will not stop


  34. Uni rokdai hunechhinShe is stopping


  35. Haami rokchhaûWe will stop


  36. Tapaai roknu hudainaYou do not stop (respect)


  37. U roknechhainaI will not stop


  38. Uni rokdai hune chhaininShe will not be stopping


  39. Tapaai rokdai hunuhunechhainaYou will not be stopping (respect)


  40. Uni rokinaShe does not stop


  41. Haami roknechhainaûWe are not stopping


  42. Tapaai rokdai hunuhunechhaYou are stopping (respect)


  43. Ma rokdinâI do not stop


  44. U rokdai thiyoHe was stopping


  45. Uni ronkechhinShe will stop


  46. Haami roknechhaûWe will stop


  47. U roknechhaI will stop


  48. Uni rokdinaShe does not stop


  49. Haami rokdai chhaûWe are not stopping


  50. Ma roknechhuHe will stop


  51. Timi rokdai hunechhainauYou will not be stopping


  52. U rokdai hune chhainaHe will not be stopping


  53. ma rokdai thiêI was stoppimg


  54. Tapaai roknuhudai thiyoYou were stopping (respect)


  55. U rokyoI stopped


  56. Uni rokdai chhinShe is stopping


  57. Timi rokdai hunechhauYou will be stopping


  58. U rokdai hunechhaHe will be stopping


  59. Tapaai roknu hune chhainaYou stop (respect)


  60. Tapaai roknu hunchhaYou will stop (respect)


  61. Timi rokchhauYou will stop


  62. Tyesle roknechhainaIt does not stop


  63. Tyesle rokyoIt stopped


  64. Uni rokdai thiiShe was stopping


  65. Tapaai roknu hunechhaYou will stop (respect)


  66. Uni rokdai chhaininShe is not stopping


  67. Tiniharu rokdainanThey will not be stopping


  68. Tyesle rokchhaIt stops


  69. Tapaai roknu hûdai thienaYou did not stop (respect)


  70. Haami rokdai hunechhaûWe will be stopping


  71. Tiniharu rokdai hunechhanThey are stopping


  72. Uni rokchhinShe will stop


  73. U rokdai chhaHe is stopping


  74. Tiniharu roknechhanThey stop


  75. Ma rokdai thienâI was not stopping


  76. Tiniharu rokdai huneThey are stopping


  77. Tyesle roknechhaIt will stop


  78. Tiniharu rokeThey will stop


  79. Tyesle rokdainaIt will stop


  80. Haami rokyaûWe stop


  81. Timi rokdainauYou stop


  82. Ma rokêI stopped


  83. Tapaai roknu bhayoYou stopped (respect)


  84. Haami rokdai thiyaûWe were not stopping


  85. Haami rokdai thienanWe were not stopping


  86. Tapaai rokdai hudai chhainaYou will not be stopping (respect)


  87. Timi roknechhainauYou will not stop


  88. Tiniharu rokchhanThey stop


  89. Ma rokdai hunechhainâI will not be stopping


  90. Ma rokchhuI stop