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  1. timimeaning: but


  2. hernusmeaning: please ask


  3. daayaa: jaanusSorry


  4. ramromeaning: but


  5. raamromeaning: good


  6. hunchhaMeaning: is enough


  7. saatmeaning: 7


  8. bhaat chaahhinchha?I don't know


  9. Yo Jomson jaane baaTo ho?Is this the trail to Jomsom?


  10. maatrameaning: a/ one (non-human)


  11. holaaMay be


  12. homeaning: yes


  13. kukhuraako maasu chha?Do you have chicken?


  14. aalu khaanuto spend time


  15. aajameaning: today


  16. alikati dinusmeaning: here
    meaning: here it is


  17. arkomeaning: near


  18. dekhimeaning: two


  19. ujyaalomeaning: bright


  20. khaanaa chha?Is lunch available.


  21. ek saye tis rupiyaaFifty rupees.


  22. laagekomeaning: clad (being covered)


  23. khaanaa kahaa: khuwauchha?Where will it stop for a meal?


  24. hunuhunna, chha baje pachhi phone garnus.I did not take the medicine.


  25. tapaailaai khoki ra ruhgaa laageko chha?Do you have a cough and a cold?


  26. kastomeaning: about


  27. mameaing: and


  28. bhaatmeaning: rice


  29. tarameaning: but


  30. ali-ali ghaTaaunusnaTo fail


  31. saknumeaning: go


  32. ausadi khaanubhayo?Did you understand?


  33. ghanTaameaning: throat


  34. tyahaa:meaning: there


  35. Pokharamaa katibaje pugchha?Where will it stop for a meal?


  36. hunchhameaning: ok


  37. arko gaau: kati TaaDaa chha?How far is the next village?


  38. bistaarai bhannusmeaning: ill


  39. pugchhameaning: will something (get/ take/ cover)


  40. chhameaning: after


  41. tarkaari chaahinchha?Do you want curry?


  42. wahaa:ko naam Poh Tai ho.How is the trail?


  43. umeaing: and


  44. yahaa:meaning: he/she (formal)
    wahaa: ko ho?


  45. gigglingmeaning: you (formal)


  46. kahaa:meaning: where
    Tapaai kahaa: basnuhunchha?
    Where do you live?


  47. panimeaning: also


  48. pachaas rupiyaaForty five rupees.


  49. paitaalis rupiyaaForty five rupees.


  50. pakkaa ho?meaning: forty five


  51. biraamimeaning: ill


  52. paitaalis minute maatra45 minutes only


  53. chhainameaning: is not


  54. rameaning: but


  55. ausadhi pasalmeaning: drugstore


  56. bheTaulaameaning: language


  57. laagako chhaina.No I don't.


  58. jhyaalmeaning: bright


  59. koThaa dhekhaaunusna
    meaning: affirmative (positive statement)


  60. aakaashko phalmeaning: you (used in a question)


  61. tin sayeThree hundred


  62. pugyomeaning: hundred


  63. oraalomeaning: downward


  64. ke garne?What is the matter


  65. sayemeaning: hundred


  66. ek pleT maasuko kati rupiyaa?How much for one meal?


  67. aaThmeaning: 7


  68. Hello! yo 4352884 ho?He is my friend.


  69. alimeaning: few, a little


  70. Jomsom pugna kati ghanTaa laagchha?How many hours will it take to reach Jomsom?


  71. linus, dhanyabaadHere, Thank you.


  72. ma Nepali bhaasaa sikaauchhuPlease make it less.


  73. ghaTaumeaning: minus


  74. ke bhayo?What is the matter?


  75. saahunimeaning: always


  76. wahaa: mero saathi ho.He is my friend.


  77. chaalismeaning: vacant/ available


  78. chaahinuNo, I didn't understand


  79. najikomeaning: near


  80. katimeaning: at night


  81. duimeaning: two


  82. kowho


  83. najik chhaIt is near by


  84. mero bichaarmaaPlease say again


  85. paitaalismeaning: you (formal)


  86. Thamel jaanuhunchha?Are you going to Thamel?


  87. TaaDaameaning: far


  88. hunchha, dhanyabaad.Ok, thank you.


  89. Sushilaji hunuhunchha?May I talk to Sushila please


  90. namaste saahuniPlease go straight.


  91. ghaatimeaning: throat


  92. baayaa: jaanus.Please go left.


  93. dui saye rupiyaa maatra.45 minutes only


  94. bhayomeaning: cough


  95. mero Taauko pani dukhyo.I have a headache too.


  96. tapaai Putrajayamaa basnuhunchha?Do you live in Putrajaya?


  97. hunuhunnaameaning: no


  98. jaanemeaning: go (in question form)


  99. jwaromeaning: fever


  100. malaaimeaning: I like


  101. baaTo kasto chha?How much is the total fair?


  102. bujhe:Yes, I understand.


  103. saanomeaning: can


  104. Taaukomeaning: your
    Tapaaiko naam ke ho?


  105. ausadimeaning: medicine


  106. pheri bheTaulaameaning: see you


  107. pheri bhannusPlease say again


  108. bhar parnuTo depend


  109. hunumeaning: a form of to be (is, are)


  110. bholi bheTaulaameaning: see you again


  111. saat baje.At 7 O'clock.


  112. mero pet dukhyoIn my opinion


  113. Thik chha euTaa Ticket dinus.Ok, give me a ticket please.


  114. birse:Yes, I understand.


  115. roknus.meaning: here
    meaning: here it is


  116. jhyaal najikko sitko ticket chha?Is room big and bright?


  117. khokimeaning: vacant/ available


  118. koThaa chha?Is there a room available?


  119. tapaai ke kaam garnuhunchha?Do you live in Putrajaya?


  120. bajemeaning: 8


  121. dekhaunumeaning: to show


  122. tapaaimeaning: you (formal)


  123. aaja pugna gahaaro chha.It would be difficult to get there today.


  124. dinusmeaning: two


  125. yahaa: ausadhi pasal chha?Is here a drug store?


  126. chhu:meaning: yes (used with I, ma)


  127. pugnumeaning: reach


  128. bhujhinaNo, I didn't understand


  129. khaalimeaning: rice


  130. jatimeaning: throat


  131. sadhaimeaning: always


  132. sunusmeaning: Please listen


  133. raatimeaning: night


  134. hunuhunchhameaning: affirmative (positive statement)


  135. jammaa kati bhayo?How much is the total fair?


  136. tapaaiko Taauko pani dukhyo?Do you have a headache?


  137. ke bhayo?What is the matter


  138. khaaekomeaning: eat (affirmative)


  139. baato hernuTo wait


  140. rughaaMeaning: is enough


  141. darjanmeaning: today


  142. samasyaa chhainaI am not well


  143. Taxi khaali chha?Is this taxi available?


  144. um aaja dekhi ratiko dutytoday from at night duty


  145. baaTomeaning: trail/ road/ path/ way


  146. Pokhara jaane bus chha?Is there a bus to Pokhara?


  147. ho, ma Putrajayamaa baschhu:How far is the next village?


  148. pheri aaunus haimeaning: see you again


  149. pherimeaning: again


  150. koThaa ujyaalo ra Thulo chha?Is there a room available?


  151. dos dinuto blame


  152. hee (urban language/chatting language)Do you want curry?


  153. u tyahaa: chhaYes. It is over there.


  154. wahaa:ko not = wahaa: komeaning of wahaa:ko is his/her
    meaning of wahaa: ko is who he/she


  155. pugnaMeaning: is enough


  156. mero ghaaTi dukheko chhainaI do not have a sore throat.


  157. gahaaromeaning: throat


  158. O, kasto mahango ali ghaTauna saknuhunchha?Oh, too expensive. Could you make it cheaper?


  159. bhaaDaa kati laagchha?What is the fare?


  160. chaahinchhaThat's right


  161. ekmeaning: one


  162. timromeaning: my
    Mero naam David ho.


  163. sodhnusmeaning: please ask


  164. la ta jaau hai, dhanyabaadAn impossibility


  165. suntalaa chha?Do you have oranges?


  166. bhaimeaning: I
    ma Putrajayama baschhu:
    I live in Putrajaya.


  167. kaammeaning: work


  168. khuwaaunumeaning: minus


  169. maasumeaning: meat


  170. ali ghaTaaunusnaPlease reduce the cost.


  171. euTaameaning: a/ one (non-human)


  172. dainameaning: negative form added to a word (suffix)


  173. sikaaunumeaning: to show


  174. tismeaning: one


  175. khaana ra maasu dinusTo fail


  176. tarkaarimeaning: fifty


  177. barsameaning: meat


  178. tapaailaimeaning: your
    Tapaaiko naam ke ho?


  179. aaunusaaunus
    meaning: come

    meaning: to come


  180. kemeaning: what
    Tapaaiko naam ke ho?


  181. tapaaiko ghaaTi pani dukhyo?Do you have a sore throat?


  182. koThaameaning: vacant/ available


  183. ratimeaning: how much (quantity)
    meaning: what (time)


  184. wahaa: ko ho ni?To fail


  185. ho.meaning 1: yes
    meaning 2: is
    Tapaaiko naam ke ho?


  186. petmeaning: stomach


  187. jaanumeaning: go


  188. mahangomeaning: expensive


  189. meromeaning: my
    Mero naam David ho.


  190. rupiyaameaning: enough


  191. chaahidaina, pugyomeaning: expensive


  192. chitta bujhnuTo be satisfied


  193. dui darjan dinusmeaning: Give me two dozen please.


  194. garnumeaning: reach


  195. At MuglingMuglingmaa


  196. ukaalomeaning: trail/ road/ path/ way


  197. jammaameaning: fifty


  198. tara malaai jwaro aayo.It would be difficult to get there today.


  199. chaarmeaning: four


  200. ek saye pachhasIs there a room available?


  201. linusmeaning: to give


  202. bhaasaameaning: trail/ road/ path/ way


  203. ek kilo suntalaako kati rupiyaa?What is the cost of 1 kg of oranges?


  204. sidhaa: jaanus.meaning: go


  205. wahaa:meaning: here


  206. thulomeaning 1: yes
    meaning 2: is
    Tapaaiko naam ke ho?


  207. khaanako kati rupiyaa?How much for one meal?


  208. Thik chha chaalis rupiyaa dinus.Ok, please give me forty rupees.


  209. chaar sayeFour hundred


  210. aaTh ghanTaa jati.About eight hours.


  211. thik chhaThat's right


  212. chitta dukhnuTo be satisfied


  213. suntalameaning: orange


  214. Thik chha tin saye pachaasOne hundred thirty rupees.


  215. bus kati baje chhuTchha?Do you want rice?


  216. bujhnubhayo?What is the matter


  217. biraami chhu:I am ill.


  218. patta lagaaunuto find out


  219. ausadhi khaaeko chhainaI don't know


  220. tapaaisanga bheTera khusi laagyo.Nice to meet you.


  221. alikatimeaning: a small quantity


  222. pugyoenough


  223. David, tapaailaai kasto chha?How are you, David?


  224. malaai thaahaa chhainaI don't know


  225. pachaasmeaning: where
    Tapaai kahaa: basnuhunchha?
    Where do you live?


  226. pachhimeaning: after


  227. kukhuraameaning: chicken


  228. ghataunumeaning: throat


  229. ujyaalo chha, tara saano chhaHow is the trail?


  230. Thik chha, ek raat ko kati rupiyaa?Ok. How much for one night?


  231. ek saye.meaning: where
    Tapaai kahaa: basnuhunchha?
    Where do you live?


  232. baschhu/bachnumeaning: yes (used with I, ma)


  233. tapaaikomeaning: you (formal)


  234. laagchhameaning: will something (get/ take/ cover)


  235. thik chha.meaning: hundred rupees.


  236. dinumeaning: to give


  237. JiskekoJust joking?


  238. sanchomeaning: how (what is it like)


  239. gaau:meaning: 8


  240. aaja Jomsom pugna sakinchha?Could we reach Jomsom today?


  241. dukhnumeaning: to hurt


  242. maaph garnusSorry


  243. bhaaDaameaning: language


  244. din kaaTnuTo fail


  245. baaTo ukaalo ra oraalo chha.It would be difficult to get there today.


  246. najikmeaning: next


  247. sancho chhainaI am not well


  248. wahaa: mero didi hunuhunchhaMay I talk to Sushila please


  249. dikka hunuto be fed up


  250. mahinaameaning: hour


  251. adhayaaro mukh lagaaunuPlease go left.