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  1. Do you live in this city?
  2. Don't stop the music!
  3. See you there.
  4. Can you help me?
  5. I am working hard.
  6. I like to study here.
  7. We are not working together.
  8. I need to talk to you.
  9. Did you see my brother on the weekend?
  10. Don't cry for him.
  11. Can I help you?
  12. I have to go now.
  13. Let me try again?
  14. I am working this Sunday.
  15. Did you think about that?
  16. Please, don't go.
  17. I need to study English every day.
  18. Would you like a drink?
  19. Did you go there last year?
  20. I went there yesterday.
  21. Don't give up.
  22. Do you have money?
  23. Would you like to live alone?
  24. Don't smoke here.
  25. I will study hard this semester.
  26. She is traveling on Monday.
  27. I want to know more.
  28. Let me go.
  29. She is not living here.
  30. I didn't sleep very well.
  31. I will come back tomorrow.
  32. Let me see your hand.
  33. He is not drinking anymore.