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  1. real, sensual, virtual
  2. The incredible is not always invisible.
  3. patience, science, intelligence
  4. adversary, missionary, contrary
  5. lucid, splendid, vivid
  6. Do me a favor? Become a better actor.
  7. Just emotion can improve your organization.
  8. to comment, to consult, to report
  9. Imaginative minds, creative results.
  10. Adversaries see everything on the contrary.
  11. organization, emotion, nation
  12. Enthusiasm always overcomes criticism.
  13. usually, daily, originally
  14. excellent, important, patient
  15. actor, color, favor
  16. The virtual world is different from the real one.
  17. automobile, reptile, projectile
  18. Are the famous people usually generous?
  19. In the eternity, we will build a better city.
  20. Tourists need dentists, not humorists.
  21. She dances originally because she trains daily.
  22. to celebrate, to create, to donate, to communicate
  23. Intelligence is the mother of all sciences.
  24. to amplify, to qualify, to simplify
  25. Imagine that you dance well.
  26. economic, metallic, pacific
  27. capacity, eternity, city
  28. The more you simplify, the more you qualify.
  29. It's important to treat patients well.
  30. feminism, criticism, enthusiasm
  31. Whenever you create, celebrate!
  32. delicious, famous, generous
  33. adoptive, creative, imaginative
  34. animal, hospital, moral
  35. The comments are not to be reported.
  36. Animals are not allowed in the hospital.
  37. tourist, dentist, humorist
  38. to dance, to complete, to imagine