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  1. I want to pay in cash.
  2. Can you make a discount if I pay in cash?
  3. Do you want the receipt?
  4. Do you know where I can find another one?
  5. Will you pay in check or credit card?
  6. Good morning. Can I help you?
  7. How does it fit?
  8. Thank you. Have a nice day!
  9. What's the exchange rate today?
  10. Thank you, I am just looking...
  11. Good morning.
  12. For sure. The changing rooms are this way.
  13. It's expensive!
  14. That's great. I'll take it.
  15. Where can I exchange some money?
  16. Yes, we do.
  17. I want a blue one.
  18. Portuguese Phrases: Going Shopping
  19. That's nice. Can I try it on?
  20. How much is that wallet?
  21. Yes, I'd like to see a t-shirt.
  22. I'd like to see a cellphone...
  23. I will take that one.
  24. Any favorite color?
  25. How much is that one?
  26. How about this one.
  27. Can I help you?
  28. Thank you. Could you please sign up here?
  29. Have you got a cheaper one?
  30. Can I help you?
  31. Will you pay with a credit card or in check?
  32. Thank you. Goodbye.
  33. Can you cash a check for me?
  34. With credit card. Here it is.
  35. Do you take credit cards?
  36. For sure!