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  1. How are you doing?
  2. Portuguese Phrases: Greetings and Introductions.
  3. Where are you going?
  4. I understand more than I speak.
  5. Just a little bit.
  6. Good morning.
  7. What's your name?
  8. Do you speak Portuguese?
  9. Do you know her name?
  10. Nice to meet you!
  11. How do you do?
  12. You can call me Bob.
  13. Nice to meet you, too!
  14. I'm learning.
  15. Hi. How are you?
  16. Good evening.
  17. What's your last name?
  18. Do you have a nickname?
  19. Hello, how are you?
  20. This is my girlfriend.
  21. This is my best friend
  22. Let me introduce you to some friends...
  23. I've just started to learn it...
  24. How do you spell?
  25. What's his name?
  26. Good afternoon.