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  1. A roundtrip ticket to Miami, please.
  2. What time does the next bus to Rio leave?
  3. I want a roundtrip ticket.
  4. Which platform?
  5. When does the next bus come?
  6. How much is it?
  7. Let's get off on the next stop!
  8. What is the departure time?
  9. How do you spell your last name?
  10. Aisle seat or window seat?
  11. All passengers for flight RJ104 please proceed to gate 13.
  12. A ticket to Recife, please.
  13. What's the gate number?
  14. Is there any cheaper way to get there?
  15. How much is the ticket to Curitiba?
  16. Is there a vacancy to Volta Redonda on the 3 PM bus?
  17. What's the schedule to São Paulo?
  18. Do you have change for a 50?
  19. Portuguese Phrases: Traveling
  20. How long is the trip?
  21. Is there a seat by the window?
  22. Where is the check-in stand?
  23. Is there a vacancy on the next bus?