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  1. The puppy is fragile.
  2. The beetle is strong.
  3. The chicken is fertile.
  4. The snake is poisonous.
  5. The lion is brave.
  6. The boar is hairy.
  7. The gecko is smart.
  8. The penguin is loving.
  9. The ant is industrious.
  10. The wolf is cunning.
  11. The spider is dangerous.
  12. The cow 's milk.
  13. The leopard is fast.
  14. The sapo is versatile.
  15. English
  16. The ewe is fluffy.
  17. The rabbit is fast.
  18. The hippo is clumsy.
  19. The dromedary is great.
  20. The bat is predator.
  21. Th goose is beautiful.
  22. The shark is killer.
  23. The dolphin is smart.
  24. The kangaroo is interesting.
  25. The bull is tough.
  26. The eagle is attentive.
  27. The rooster is brave.
  28. The bee is organized.
  29. The turtle is slow.
  30. The goat is vigorous.
  31. The oyster is precious.
  32. The hawk is predator.
  33. The mouse is disgusting.
  34. The crab is hard.
  35. The cat is sly.
  36. The pearl is insistent.
  37. Lobster is expensive.
  38. The woodpecker is noisy.
  39. The horse is disciplined.
  40. The whale is huge.
  41. The bear is heavy.
  42. The pig is fat.
  43. The donkey is strong.
  44. The butterfly is colorful.
  45. The jaguar is painted.
  46. The parakeet is domesticated.
  47. The talkative parrot is.
  48. The rhino is strong.
  49. The swallow is small.
  50. The lamb is meek.
  51. The chicken is cheap.
  52. The cockroach is disgusting.
  53. The camel is tough.
  54. The hummingbird is fast.
  55. The jelly-fish is transparent.
  56. The stork is famous.
  57. The duck is awkward.
  58. The dog is obedient.
  59. The monkey is funny.
  60. The giraffe is high.
  61. The gorilla is a vegetarian.
  62. The lizard is tough.
  63. The alligator is dangerous.
  64. The zebra is striped.
  65. The crocodile is dangerous.
  66. The peacock is colorful.
  67. The chick is small.
  68. The tiger is swift.
  69. The ox is big.
  70. The shrimp is tasty.
  71. The fox is a strategist.
  72. The mosquito is annoying.
  73. The elephant is huge.