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  • Which Muslim Emperor was in power at the time of the event?

    Jehangir- Akbar's son

    Which guru was imprisoned?

    Guru Har Gobind Ji- our 6th guru

    Which fort was Guru Har Gobind Ji imprisoned at?

    Gwalior Fort

    Who was imprisoned with our guru in Gwalior Fort?

    52 other minor Rajas.

    What made the emperor release Guru Har Gobind Ji?

    Uprisings, threats and rumors about the emperor.

    Why did Guru Har Gobind Ji refuse to leave Gwalior Fort?

    He refused to leave without Jehangir releasing the other Rajas.

    What was Jehangir's reponse to Guru Ji's statement?

    He said jokingly that whoever could hold on to the back of Guru Ji's shirt could walk out with him.

    All 52 rajas left with guru. How did Guru Ji manage this?

    He sent a message to one of his disciples to make a shirt with 52 cloths hanging off of the back. His disciple made it and Guru Ji wore it. Each of the Rajas held a cloth and they all left.

    What is celebrated on Bandi Chhor Diwas?

    The day that Guru Ji and the other rajas left Gwalior Fort.

    What do Sikhs celebrate on Diwali?

    The day that Guru Ji returned from Gwalior Fort.

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