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  • You

    Tu, tusi

    Come(you come)

    Aa ja

    Will come


    Open(to open)




    Will open


    Sit(to sit)


    Walk(to walk)


    Eat(to eat)








    I go

    Main jaanda haan

    He goes

    Oh jaanda hai

    He eats an apple

    Oh ik seb khanda hai

    He is eating an apple

    Oh ik seb kha reha hai

    He ate an apple

    Usne ik seb khadha

    I saw the film last week

    Main pichhle hafte ik film wekhi

    She came by bus yesterday

    Oh kal bus ton aai

    They went to the mosque

    Oh masjad gaie

    He slept the whole night

    Oh saari rat sutta reha

    He wrote well in the examination

    Usne paper wich changa likheya

    He has eaten

    Usne kha liya hai

    He had eaten

    Usne kha liya si

    He had gone

    Oh chal giya si

    He had come

    Oh a gaya si

    He will eat

    Oh kha lawega

    He will go

    Oh chala jawega

    He will come

    Oh aa jayeega

    What is your name?

    Tuhada naan ki hai?



    What did you do?

    Tussi ki kitta?

    What should I do?

    Tuhanu ki karna chaida hai?

    What can I do?

    Main ki kar sakda haan?

    What are the questions?

    Swaal ki hann?

    What were the questions?

    Swaal ki sann?

    What is the last question?

    Akhri swaal ki si?

    What is written in the letter?

    Chittthi wich ki likheya hai?

    What you had been told?

    Tuhannu ki dasseya gaya si?

    What will be the answer?

    Jawaab ki howega?

    Why did you come?

    Tussi kyon aaye?

    Why did you sleep?

    Tussi soun kyon gayye?

    Why did you tell him to go?

    Tussi usnu jaan layee kyon keha?

    Why did he bring the bag?

    Oh bag jhola kyon lai ke ayaa?

    Why did she pay the money?

    Usne paise kyon ditte?

    Why did they sit there?

    Oh utthe kyon baitthe?

    Why do you drive the car?

    Tussi kyon car challande ho?

    Why are they late for the meeting?

    Oh mulaqat lai late kyon hann?

    How did you come?

    Tussi kiwein aaye?

    How did you sleep?

    Tussi kiwein soye?

    How did you drive?

    Tussi kidda chlayee?

    How did you write?

    Tussi kidda likhyea?

    How many did you take?

    Tussi kinne laye?

    How much did he pay you?

    Usne tuhanu kinna ditta?

    How much distance to go?

    Hor kinni door hai?

    How was the journey yesterday?

    Kal da safar kiddan da si?

    Which way did you come?

    Tussi kis raste ton aye?

    Which is your favourite colour?

    Tuhadda pasandida rang kehra hai?

    In which room did you sleep?

    Tussi kis kamre which sutte si?

    Which story did you tell?

    Tussi kehri kahani sunai?

    Which is the sweetest fruit?

    Sab ton mittha phal kehra hai?

    Which is the best newspaper in Hindi?

    Hindi da sabh ton wadhiya paper kehra hai?

    Which Indian state has the largest population?

    Kehre bharti raj di jansankhya sabh ton jyyaada hai?

    Where did you come from?

    Tussi kithhon aye?

    Where did you sleep?

    Tussi kithhe sutte?

    Where is the manager's cabin?

    Manager da cabin kitthe hai?

    Where should I go?

    Mainu kitthe jana chaida hai?

    Whom should I contact?

    Mainu kinnu contact karna chaida hai?

    Is it a book?

    Ki eh kitaab hai?

    It is a book

    Eh kittab hai.

    Is it the answer?

    Ki eh jawaab hai?

    It is the answer.

    Eh jawaab hai.

    Will you come with me?

    Ki tussi mere naal aaoge?

    I shall come with you.

    Main tuahaade naal awanga.

    Will you give me your pen?

    Ki tussi mainu pen dewoge?

    Yes, of course.

    Haan bilkul.

    Do you love me?

    Ki tussi mainu pyaar karde ho?

    Yes, I love you.

    Haan main tuhaanu pyaar karda haan

    Can you give me your pen?

    Ki tussi mainu appna pen dewoge?

    Can you lift the box?

    Ki tussi dibba chakk dewoge?

    Can you write the exam?

    Ki tusssi prikhya dewoge?

    Did you have your lunch?

    Ki tussi apna khana le leya hai?

    How are you?

    Tussi kiwen ho?

    I am fine

    Main theek haan.

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